Add some dressing room glam to your bedroom with these top tips

If you’ve ever found yourself tumbling over discarded clothes and empty bottles of foundation while getting ready for a big night out (admit it…), then you’ve probably dreamed of having your own super-organised yet ultra-glam dressing room.

If only we had more money and space, eh?

Well, wish no more, dear reader. For with just a few changes, you can transform your bedroom into a dressing room that’d leave Hollywood starlets green with envy.

Here’s how to add some dressing room glam to your bedroom:

Make sure you have the essentials

There are a few items every dressing room should have, which we have handily compiled into the checklist below:

  • A Hollywood mirror
  • Storage
  • Surfaces & space

dark hollywood mirror


A vague list, granted – but that’s only because creativity is the key when coming up with the dressing room of your dreams.

The obvious solution would be to invest in an expensive dressing room table with hundreds of drawers, but for most people this isn’t practical or affordable.

A good alternative is to use any surface you have in your bedroom at the moment (a desk for example). Place your Hollywood mirror on top and invest in various jewellery boxes to store all your trinkets in; you can pick up some beautiful vintage pieces in charity shops if you snoop around hard enough.

If you don’t have shelf space for your make-up, invest in a gorgeous make-up bag instead; there are plenty available from leading brands, and the prices aren’t as high as you might expect – especially if you shop around!

Choosing a colour scheme

Unless you’re planning on redecorating your own room, the colour of your mini dressing room is going to have to conform to the rest of your room.

Therefore, neutral shades are your best choice. If you want a vintage look, cream is a good option.

Of course, neutral tones can be quite boring, so injecting a splash of pink here or there (with accessories, for example!) is a good way to add some personality.

Accessorise accordingly

The essentials and a suitable colour scheme are all important, but it’s accessories that will ultimately make your dressing room yours.

Add a few things that express your personality; it could be a photo frame with a few pictures of you and your friends, some important family trinkets, a few candles to set a romantic vibe – it’s entirely up to you!


Let’s face it; getting ready for a night out involves a lot of products and equipment. The natural by-product of this is a lot of clutter, the kind of clutter that can result in a nasty injury when you roll in a bit worse for wear at 3am.

Therefore, before you clear out a space for your getting ready station, clear out anything that is no longer essential. Empty bottles, old clothes, random odds and ends you’ve held on to for this reason or the other; everything must go!

So there you have it, a few quick tips to give your bedroom a glamorous dressing room vibe. Feel free to take a look at our Hollywood mirrors if you want to make an early start!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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