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Framed mirrors are most certainly on an upward trajectory in terms of 2022 style stakes, and so if you’re looking for a way of refreshing and pulling a room together, they may well be something to consider when selecting your next mirror for the home.

Frames are able to completely alter the overall look and feel of a mirror in an instant, and can tie any mirror into any interior scheme. – Small touches such as tying your bathroom taps, bedroom furniture or dressing room details in with the material or colour used for your mirror frame can go a long way in terms of pulling a whole look together for an effortlessly coordinated scheme.

So, how do you decide which framed mirror is best for your own space?

First of all, it’s important to consider whether you want the mirror to blend into its surroundings, or whether you’d like it be a statement piece, almost like wall art, that creates a stand-out focal point in the room.

It’s also a good idea to know exactly where your mirror will be positioned in your room, because this can often dictate the size and shape of it, and therefore also the type of frame.

Mirror frames can come in all manner of materials, from wood to metal, colours (any colour under the sun), and also with varying thicknesses of frame, from minimalistic, thin styles to wider, bolder designs.

Here are a few of our favourite framed mirror styles for a little home inspiration …

Traditional elegance

Quite often more ornate, with a classic look and an air of romanticism and sophistication, traditional mirrors with moulded frames look great in period homes and classically styled interiors.

But if you’re updating a mirror, you may also be longing for modern features and functionality like LED’s or touch sensors, so with a more traditional finish it may be worth considering a fusion design. – There are many ways to get salon-standard lighting that’s perfect for hair and make-up, but with the elegance of more traditional frames.  

For example, as all of our mirrors are fully customisable, we can retro-fit lighting to traditional frames, like this Hollywood bulb framed full length mirror, which would look amazing in a glamorous, vintage styled dressing room space or bedroom. The lighting helps to keep things functional, and allows the best of both worlds with a stand out, timeless mirror design and with all the clever mod-con touches that you need as well.

Sleek and sophisticated

If you have a minimalistic bathroom, you may be wondering how to tie your mirror design into your scheme, when for your own style preferences, perhaps less is more?

By opting for a stylish, powder-coated, understated frame that just adds an edge of sophistication to a mirror, you can help draw the eye to a focal point in the room and also ensure that it ties in with the rest of the interior.

For bathrooms with brass fixtures and fittings, we’d recommend opting for a gold painted metal frame, like this one which will help to pull everything together and will ground the mirror on the wall. These bespoke twin bathroom mirrors have rounded corners to tie in to the curves of the fixtures and fittings, and are backlit for added impact.

And to complete an elegant dressing room scheme with something ever-so subtle, just a hint of brass surrounding the mirror edge can sometimes be just enough to frame the mirror and add extra elegance.

Pretty in pink

Pink or rose gold framed Hollywood style mirrors provide a bold statement in a dressing room, perfect for added drama and for pulling in highlight interior colours to create a strong synergy.

Pink framed mirrors work particularly well in green and gold dressing room spaces, and add an element of fun and flamboyancy.

Painted frames offer an option to create a subtle, harmonious look to your room by pulling in existing room shades, or alternatively you can try adding a punchy colour pop with a contrasting coloured frame

Grey painted frames are a great option for neutral schemes, and they work really well as a base for most other colours, too.

The addition of LED lights as an internal border here serves the purpose of enhancing the dressing room space above the table and provides the perfect spot for makeup application.

Illuminated illustrations

If you have something a little more bespoke in mind and would like a more illustrative, patterned design for your mirror frame, we can etch any image accurately onto a mirror, which makes a fabulous option for creating bespoke, stand-out unique framed mirror designs for businesses and homes alike.

Is there an image to show for this?

Industrial Luxe

Sometimes a simple black frame is all that is needed in order to pull an interior scheme together. From painted painted wood frames to powder-coated metal frames, available in all manner of shapes and sizes, black frames are sleek, sophisticated and very on trend for 2022 for an industrial bathroom, bedroom or dressing area with an element of luxury.

Opt for smaller, rounded mirrors above basins and tie them in to black heated towel rails, shower panels and taps for a cohesive feel.

And if you’re looking for big impact, select large, floor standing panel mirrors, edged in black for a bold statement in a walk in wardrobe or dressing area.  

Add bright LED lights around the frame for an extra glow up – ideal for hair and makeup application.

Nurturing nature

Pebble frames are big news when it comes to interiors for 2022. With their natural, organic shape, they look perfect encased by a wooden frame. Ideal for Scandi style interiors, and also cottage influenced rooms too, wooden frames are a gentle addition to complete a welcoming, homely scheme with warmth and comfort.

Print a pattern

For something a little bit different, why not consider printing onto frames? Printed frames allow you to match your mirrors visually with any of the materials within your interior, helping to pull everything together for balance and synergy. Take this marble scheme bathroom, where we have printed a marble design onto one of the edges of our backlit mirrors for a cohesive bathroom design.

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