How to get that ‘hotel look’ in your bathroom

Why is it that hotel bathrooms always look fantastic? No matter whether you live in a sprawling country pile or a small one bedroom apartment in the city, the bathrooms at hotels always, without fail, look better than what you have at home.

A big part of the reason, obviously, is that most four or five star hotels will have a lot more to spend than your average homeowner. Another reason is that hotel owners can afford to employ the services of professional bathroom designers, the kind of people who see an empty bathroom not as a daunting prospect but as a canvas upon which they can create magic.

That doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the pristine lines and beautiful minimalism of your average hotel bathroom, however. Here are a few tips for getting that hotel look at home.

Create a focal point

One of the common features most hotel bath rooms share is their use of a focal point, an extravagant item in the room that immediately catches the eye. This could be a particularly opulent bath, a sink with Grecian features or an illuminated mirror.

Try to focus on a single focal point rather than creating many, as too much can end up being a bit overwhelming. You don’t need to make the rest of the bathroom boring, just complementary to the ‘main event’.

Choose a definitive style

Hotel bathrooms almost always adhere to one particular trend, with a strong focus on fitting to a single theme rather than utilising many themes. While that might sound like the perfect recipe for a gimmicky bathroom, it really doesn’t have to be. Themes can be as broad as ‘minimalist’ or as defined as ‘1950s American diner style bathroom’. Use period features, statement lighting – whatever tickles your fancy really.

Focus on your bath

The bath (if you have one) is one of the hardest parts of bathroom design to get right, often straddling that fine line between classy and a bit tacky. However, a good bath doesn’t even have to make that much of a statement in terms of colour or design; good positioning and a bit of accenting can do wonders.

For those with larger bathrooms, a freestanding bath is a real standout piece and works brilliantly as a central point around which to design your bathroom. If you really want to push the boat out, consider getting a rainfall shower too.

For smaller bathrooms, a bit of accenting to make your bath a bit more eye-catching can really help. Try fitting wood panelling to the side of your bath (although make sure that its water proof!) or even a different coloured wall where the bath is positioned can make a world of difference.

Use mirrors

Hotels small and large alike rely on mirrors to trick the eye of guests. How? They use multiple mirrors to make the bathroom seem larger, grander and more welcoming.

Using mirrors to make your bathroom is thankfully relatively simple. A large mirror over your sink can immediately make your room appear larger, while the lights around an LED bathroom mirror can amplify this effect.

Another classic hotel trick is to use two mirrors facing each other. The reflections between the two mirrors and the light reflected off each can serve to make even the smallest of bathrooms look homely and welcoming.

The most important thing to include in any bathroom design, however, is your own personality. It’s easy to follow the advice of others to the letter and end up with an identikit bathroom, but the end result won’t reflect your personality. Use the tips above with some of your own ideas for the best results!

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