The Bathroom Gadgets We Guarantee You’ll Want

The bathroom is arguably the most ‘functional’ room in the house. While we all enjoy a long soak every now and then, most of our bathroom visits are characterised by a quick trip to the throne or 5 minutes under the shower, before we hurry off to a more exciting room of the house. But at Illuminated Mirrors we say it doesn’t need to be like that. Unlike a long forgotten spare room, the bathroom is a focal point of our daily routines, and without sounding like a pushy TV commercial, house guests glean more than you think from your bathroom too.

So put the fun back into bath time, brighten up your morning routine and bring your bathroom into the 22nd century with these tempting gadgets.

Illuminated Mirrors’ LED Mirror with built-in clock

Literally never be late for work again because you’re spending too long shaving/fixing your hair/impersonating your unattractive boss in the mirror. Our LED mirrors with built-in clocks are designed to incorporate the style you expect without going for an overly garish digital effect, so you can enjoy the convenience without going for that ‘spaceship’ effect.

Heated Toilet Seat

We’re not sure exactly how relevant this is to the modern day bathroom since the majority of us enjoy the luxury of an indoor bathroom (although if you own a property with an original ‘outhouse’ we’re sure you appreciate your indoor loo more than the average person). But since during the winter months it’s pretty hard to pull ourselves out of bed in the morning, we feel like a heated toilet seat would brighten up our day quite nicely. The UltraTouch heated toilet seat is designed to heat up to a ‘comfortable’ 20-25 degrees above room temperature and utilises an antimicrobial agent that is moulded into the very seat! We suggest you carefully check the fire safety credentials though…

Heated flooring is so last year, a warm posterior is the way forward people.

Eco-friendly Toilet Smell Killer

This thing basically looks like a cross between a plastic toilet freshener and some sort of futuristic portal, but the reviews are unanimous; it works. So if your bathroom’s a ‘leave that 10 minutes’ job or you happen to live with a band of toxic toilet-goers, give this ago instead of your usual healthy dousing of Febreeze. If you were wondering about those eco credentials too, the Toilet Smell Killer is completely chemical free and lasts for a lifetime.

H20 Shower Power Radio

In shower radios are nothing new, but with this high-tech offering you won’t be met with flat batteries right when you feel like a morning medley. That’s because it’s completely powered by water pressure and basically works by using an internal water jet system which then turns a turbine in order to create energy to power the device. A little plumbing nous is needed as it needs to be fitted so your shower line passes through the radio (not ideal if your shower doesn’t have external pipes), but there’s a helpful video which practically makes installing the Shower Power Radio a piece of cake.

Programmable shower

Taps are such an unnecessary hassle, so make like Tony Stark and install what can only be described as a shower robot in your bathroom. At a frivolous $7,000, you might be happy to stick for those old-fashioned taps for a while, but the tablet-esque device is suitably smart to justify such a hefty price tag. 7K will get you control over 4 jet streams (2 overhead and two wall streams), temperature control (we’d hope so), music programming and the option to measure your water consumption. Gadget geeks can dream…

Have we encapsulated the weird and wonderful or is there something suitably quirky we’ve left off the list? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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