How to create the perfect dressing room

A dressing room is every girl’s dream, fitted with walk-in wardrobes, shoe racks and accessory drawers galore. At the top of the renovation list for many homes, this trend is forever growing, with many people turning their once unused spare rooms into a haven of fabrics and cosmetics. So, what makes the perfect dressing room? From choosing the furniture, the perfect mirror, fixtures and accessories; the decisions are not to be taken lightly. We run through how to design the perfect dressing room to impress.


The most important decision to make when designing your dressing room is to have a clear idea of the type of style you want to run throughout. Are you looking for a luxurious, minimal look? Do you prefer colourful and cozy? Be sure that your personal style and surrounding interior design runs smoothly into your dressing room, incorporating all aspects of your style from around your home. Keep practicality in mind, as some designs may be too ambitious for the space you’ve got, otherwise, let your creative juices run free!


Dressing rooms are often adorned with a neutral palette, offering a bright, elegant and natural environment. However, this doesn’t have to be the case; colours can be a beautiful addition to any dressing room, as long as there is sufficient light to ensure that you don’t get a dingy feel to the space. Whilst neutral tones are a great option, why not take inspiration from the fashion queen that is Carrie Bradshaw and opt for a navy palette to really make your clothes pop. Navy can add an element of understated elegance, whilst offering a cozy atmosphere for those cold mornings.


Another incredibly important decision to ensure that you get the most from your space, leaving no corner untouched, whilst ensuring a perfect light to replicate natural light. You should look towards choosing lighting that is both atmospheric and bright. Hanging fixtures offer an elegant feel to the room, from chandeliers to large hanging light bulbs; whilst having lamps dotted around will offer a more sophisticated light that will create a more relaxed feel to the space. Of course, mixing task lighting into room to make sure there is definition and increased illuminance for makeup application will result in the perfect array of lighting for your dressing room.


Are you going to have a main focal point in your dressing room? Whether it be your wardrobe, chest of drawers, centre island or shoe rack; your main piece of furniture will be the starting point to all your ideas and eventual outcome of the space. When designing your room, be sure to allow for enough room to get dressed comfortably (possibly do a little dance!) and to do your full makeup routine. Adding an occasional chair can act as great design addition whilst being very practical in your day-to-day routine of getting ready. Of course, the most important part of any dressing room, is the dressing table… store all your beauty products, electronics and makeup in one place.


No dressing room is complete without at least two mirrors. The essential full length mirror, to ensure all outfits get the seal of approval before leaving the house, and the dressing table mirror, which is the integral tool in your beauty routine every morning. Mirrors offer both character and light to your room, whilst providing the essential need for a crystal clear reflection. Our Hollywood range of mirrors are the perfect accessory for any dressing room; offering beautiful light and design for your morning and evening routines. Why not add an extra bit of elegance with a folding screen; often seen in the more sophisticated movies, you can make like Marilyn Monroe and get dressed in black and white style.

We love receiving daily inspiration from our customers, take a look at some of the best dressing rooms we’ve seen so far, featuring our Hollywood Mirrors.

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