Kid-friendly DIY Activities

House need a bit of love but nobody to look after the kids? Why not include them in your activities? While it sounds like a DIY don’t rather than a handy saviour, children can be the very best helpers; they’re creative, hard-working, enthusiastic and (best of all) free. It keeps them busy when they’re bored, and just watch their faces burst with pride when they tell guests they helped or made something.

While it’s never a wise decision to get them involved with certain necessities, here’s a few simple DIY activities the whole family can get involved with.

child-friendly DIY home activies

Paint a room

Need a refresh of the walls? Ask your bundle of joy to help out! It might seem like a daunting idea, but getting a child to do the undercoat of a wall can really save you time and let their creativity run wild. You’ll probably find a lot of smiley faces, flowers and gaps – but that’s all part of the fun.

If you’re really brave, why not get them to paint a picture on a wall? It’s a great talking piece, completely unique and can always be painted over. If you don’t want to let them loose in the house, what about an old fence or shed? A few licks of paint can bring a gloomy garden back to life, and who really cares about stray drops on the grass anyway?

Plant a window box

Not feeling brave enough to let them loose with a roller? Kids absolutely adore helping out in the garden. Get them to paint window boxes or plant pots, choose some seeds, and get dug in (no pun intended). They’ll be absolutely beaming when the plant starts to come to life and it’s a quick, easy and cheap way to brighten up the home and get them doing something rewarding.

Pinterest is a great place to look for some examples, and a quick google will help you find the right flowers or plants for outdoors and indoors. Think colourful, bold and lots of fun!

Drawing and colouring

The most obvious, creative and, yes, our favourite – utilise those tiny creative hands by getting out a canvas board and poster paints. Ask them to paint anything – the family, a pet, their favourite holiday or something completely off the wall. If you’ve only got normal paper to hand, stick the resulting masterpiece to your fridge, noticeboard  or a bathroom cabinet to remind you of the lovely little family member you’ve got and lighten up even the most gloomy of days. Or go professional by scanning their creation and getting it printed onto a canvas. Original artwork, a tenth of the price!

The fun doesn’t have to stop there…

These are just a couple of the easy-peasy ways you can keep little wonders busy by transforming the house. Whether it’s half-term or a wet Saturday afternoon, finding something useful for the kids doesn’t have to be hard. And they’ll thank you for it when they see the results!

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