Making your bathroom more romantic for Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing more romantic than a relaxing bath, a glass of champagne and a box of (expensive) chocolates…except if your bathroom isn’t quite looking its best. Stains, poor lighting, old linens and a general lack of design can all detract away from any grand gestures (perhaps you should have saved and booked that trip to Barbados after all).

However, transforming your bathroom doesn’t have to be a costly exercise and a few simple steps can make even the most humble of rooms a tad more Valentine’s Day friendly. Here’s our advice for that spa feeling in your home:
How to create a romantic bathroom valentines day

Let there be light

Bathrooms tend to have fairly cool lighting for our everyday requirements – perfect for seeing any mistakes while shaving or doing makeup, awful for setting a luxurious feel. Find any way you can to break this and make your lighting feel warmer and deeper in its shade. Candles are a great start (we’ll touch on those in a minute) but we’d normally recommend having extra forms of lighting (for safety more than anything).

Have you got an additional source of lighting you could use – keeping in mind plugs and a full bath are not a good combination? For example, are there any fake candles you could add for effect or have you got a light-up mirror or cabinet? The majority of our models come with dimmer switches and our Hollywoods come with a choice of warm or cool lighting – making full use of this can add the light you need for your loved one to move around safely, whilst keeping the mood sizzling.

Light my fire

Who doesn’t love a candle by the bath? We’ve got absolutely no idea why, but it just makes the bubbles feel amazing! Try and pick a theme when purchasing candles for the best aesthetic effect – reds and white in perfect combination can work beautifully – and consider what your candles will rest on. Do they have holders? Or will you need placemats? As romantic as it might look, the last thing you want to be doing on 15th February is picking wax off the bathtub with a champagne head.

Likewise, always consider safety first – if it’s not safe to use them, don’t. Your loved one won’t thank you if it’s the room, rather than the night, you’ve set on fire.

Texture is everything

You can’t inspire luxury with an old, damp bathmat. Make sure everything you use is the fluffiest, plushest and nicest feeling you can. Invest in a microfibre mat for long-lasting softness and try and coordinate as much as you can with the candles you pick. Red, white and champagne shades all work extremely well at bringing a spa-like feel to the room, something you can continue by rolling the towels in the room into circular tubes. Don’t ask us why, but it just makes everything feel a bit more special.  

Heaven Scent 

The room looks amazing and feels amazing…but still smells of bleach from that deep clean earlier in the day. Smells are a crucial part of creating an atmosphere and if your scents aren’t spot on, you might have a wasted effort. Scented candles are a gift when it comes to creating beautiful aromas in the bathroom, but it can be hard to find the right colour-scent combination. If this is the case, try investing in reed diffusers or an oil burner with your loved one’s favourite smells.  

Similarly, invest some time in finding the perfect bath cream or salts for the occasion. While the standard stuff might be lovely for your partner’s usual bath, we want everything to feel a bit different after all.

Simple steps, for a big effect – all you need to do is find the wine, chocolates and rose petals and voilà – the ultimate romantic retreat without the costs of a spa visit. Got any tips to add? Find us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know. 

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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