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A question we’re often asked by customers looking to purchase one of our Hollywood Mirrors is ‘should I buy the standard mirror or the LED?’ A factor for many people that decides which of the two they buy is the difference in cost, and whether it’s worth paying for the pricier LED version.

Of course it’s a choice that’s entirely up to you, but since so many of you have asked, we thought we’d dedicate this blog post to explaining the difference between these products, to help you make the decision in future.

Why offer an LED version?

In recent years, LED bulbs have steadily grown in popularity to the point that many countries are phasing out the use of other options to encourage more people to switch to LED. And although they’re more expensive than other bulbs on the market, their long-term benefits more than justify their initial price tag.

LEDs are some of the most energy efficient bulbs, using anything up to 90% less energy than the more standard incandescent ones. So even though you might pay more for an LED mirror to begin with, you’ll notice a drop in your electricity bills in the long run.

LED bulbs are also really long-lasting compared to their competitors. While most bulbs used in the home have short lifetimes of around 1000 hours, LED bulbs can last up to 30,000 hours- that gives you a lot of time to play with your Hollywood Mirror!

Which mirror is brighter?

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LED bulbs give off a more cool light in comparison to the yellowish light of the standard opal bulb mirrors. Many people who’ve used LED bulbs in the home don’t like the clearer, bluer quality of light they produce, but better quality LEDs should be almost indistinguishable from your old incandescent bulbs. We think that both versions of the mirror produce a lovely warm light that’s perfect for applying makeup!

Which is the best version for me?

LED bulbs are proven to be much more energy efficient, better for the environment and have a much greater longevity, so the money you’d save on your energy bill and buying replacement bulbs would make up for the initial higher cost to buy.

On the other hand, our opal-bulb mirrors offer a great quality of light too, and replacement bulbs are available to buy from a number of retailers as well as from our website. So you can get just as much use from it as you could from an LED mirror, you may just need to replace the bulbs more often.

Although you can choose from LED or opal lamp versions of our Hollywood Mirrors, that’s where the differences end. In all other aspects the products are exactly the same. So, whichever version you select, you can rest assured that any product you choose will meet the same exceptional quality standards that we aspire to provide to all of our customers.

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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