Quirky gift ideas for the man who has everything…

He’s fussy with shower gels, only buys the best shaving equipment, and already has far too many aftershaves sitting in his bathroom cabinet. What do you get the man who has everything?

Unique gifts for men has everything

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Shaving cabinet or mirror

If he’s a grooming buff, get him a cabinet worthy of his purchases. A classy cabinet is always a safe bet for a man who likes a product or two and it looks pretty good too. Most mirrors (or, at least those that we sell at Illuminated Mirrors) come with sockets to plug in electric shavers (handy and neat) and models with lights are fantastic for making sure he trims down to that very last hair.

For the man who loves a song in the shower or two, Bluetooth models can play music directly from his phone or computer, while opting for a mirrored surface with demisting panels helps prevent dreaded towel fluff on the mirror.

Vintage jewellery

It’s not just ladies who like a touch of bling, vintage jewellery is a really thoughtful gift and a less expensive way of finding something completely and entirely unique to him. Try visiting a few pawn stores or second-hand jewellery providers for quality watches, signet rings and cufflinks – you can sometimes find a real bargain and he’ll love the fact he’s the only one with the adornment.

Even a quick browse through online auction stores can dig up some treasures or ask around your family – has anybody got any old, broken or unused items? Get them fixed up at a local jeweller and he’ll be touched at the very thought!

Experience day

cessna experience flying daySure it might have been done, but how well has it been done? Experience days don’t have to be the same old thing. They can cover everything from flying, car or train driving days, to whisky tasting and food making.

Has he ever mentioned a hidden passion? Or ever mentioned a missed vocation? With a huge number of days available, you’ll usually be able to find something for him to get his teeth into. If not, a day trip somewhere new is always a safe bet…


Yup, you read it correctly. If he really has and owns EVERYTHING, you can even buy his own personal submarine. We can’t advise on exactly how much they cost (like an extremely posh department store, prices are kept secret until you enquire), but you might want to forget eating, having a house and generally doing anything for a while…a quick google shows some models starting at £2million. After all, love is priceless – isn’t it?

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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