The latest bathroom trends

We are well into the year now; with new trends emerging every week, we felt compelled to bring you all up to date, to inspire you in your endeavour to refresh or redesign your bathroom over the coming months. With influence coming from both vintage and modern backgrounds, there will definitely be something to fit your taste.

It’s all about the shower

With a far larger number of people buying properties with just a shower in the bathroom, it’s no wonder that there has been a surge in completely revamping your shower room to become the star of your home. In particular, the rise of wet rooms has been exponential, making your entire bathroom part of your washing experience with a glint of glamour. Wet rooms come with a great deal of responsibility and building work if you’re starting from scratch, so it may not be the most desirable option if you’re looking to simply refresh your bathroom.

Why not consider low-profile shower trays to give the effect of a wet-room bathroom, a far less expensive option for getting an overall spa feel from your bathroom.


Other options include adding gloss or chrome finishings to add a sense of light, whilst offering contrasting textures from differing materials. Alternatively, a large difference can be made by simply adding key pieces into your bathroom, from new taps to a new shower head or opting for a frameless screen for your shower. Why not bag yourself a brand new mirror to bring some extra light into your bathroom?

Add some drama to your bathroom

With the majority of bathrooms having a neutral tone to them, why not be the person who changes bathrooms and adds some much needed colour. Take to pinterest and create the perfect mood board to ensure all of your colours/patterns compliment each other and go wild! From tiles in different shapes, sizes and colours to opulent wallpaper contrasting against bronze fixtures. Adding in a freestanding colourful bath or painted features in the room can also add a burst of life to the space.

Take influence from the past

Heritage style can often be overlooked through fear of having an outdated bathroom, but rest assured, you can be safe in the knowledge that taking influence from past periods is a great trend and one that is unlikely to disappear in the near future. Select your desired period, whether it be Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian. You could even take reference from a particular art movement, such as Art-deco design. Taking influence from a particular period in time gives you the option pick unique pieces to put in your bathroom, exploring the salvage yards for baths, basins and fixtures. We especially love the Victorian styled black and white tiling which adds a particular essence of elegance to any space.

We love to see our customers bathroom makeovers, if you have recently renovated, be sure to tag us on Instagram @illuminated_mirrors – especially if they feature one of our mirrors!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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