Gift ideas for the ‘Groomed dad’

Another year, another day of celebration for all of the beautiful fathers across the country. A time to give thanks for the selfless act of parenthood and (if you’re old enough), crack open a beer for some quality time together! With Father’s day, comes the often rather difficult choice of having to come up with an imaginative, thoughtful and yet, reasonably priced gifts… cue the crickets. So, we’ve put together the best gifts on the market this year for any ‘groomed’ dads; with a couple of slightly less sensible ideas chucked in there for fun!

  1. The rise of the beard has seen the release of all sorts of fun cosmetics to help keep your unruly facial hair at bay, from beard combs to beard oils, there is something on the market for every type of facial hair. If your dad is sporting an ever-growing ‘hipster’ beard, then why not treat him to some argan-oil nourishing beard oil from the Great British Grooming Company. A luxury he never knew he needed!
  2. The beard bib…we’re asking the same question you are, why has this not been made before now? A saviour for both men and their partners who dread the eventual weekly/monthly beard trim and the inevitable mess that follows; this wonderful invention saves both the mess and your time cleaning; what more could you want?
  3. Cooking with beer you say? What father wouldn’t want such a fantastic opportunity to combine two of the best things on offer; beer and food! From beer onions and beer ketchup to the perfect IPA combinations to go with cake, this book provides all the knowledge you need to perfectly marry your favourite meals and beverage for months to come. It may even encourage more cooking in the kitchen for all of those who tend to steer clear!
  4. Not necessarily a ‘grooming’ product, but one that is so incredibly useful, that it definitely can’t be missed! The Tile app; one phone app, bluetooth and small, easy attachable tiles that you can pop on your keys, your pet, your bag, your tent; anything that goes missing far too often for your liking! If you’ve lost a tagged item, simply use your phone to locate the tile attached to the item and it will ring, leading you to your lost item. Innovatively, the guys over at Tile have also considered you losing your phone instead of your keys…in which case, you simply press a tile and it will ring your phone. Now, we are pretty sure everyone needs this great invention, we definitely do!
  5. Not every man likes to wear an over bearing fragrance, if at all, but most dads are far past their Lynx days by now, so we are offering a great smell that will make your dad feel great with just one spray! Of course, there is a plethora of sense-tingling bottled aromas from all high street stores across the country, but this one scent in particular is a favourite of ours and of course, it’s called ‘The One’ for men; destined!
  6. Next up is the ultimate grooming tool for any dad that wants to keep facial hair in control! Rated as one of the best electric groomers on the market, with a more than palatable price tag, this compact, yet powerful Philips electrical groomer is your answers to all facial hair faux pas!

With a list of such reasonably priced gifts, you could always double up to give the best gift this Sunday; if all else fails, a nice bottle of Whisky will always do the trick! Wishing you all a very happy Father’s day!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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