Winter skincare prep

January and February are notoriously miserable, dark, cold months; however, there are ways to glow throughout these dreary months with a winter skincare routine to rid grey, tired skin and leave you looking sun-kissed.

Low temperatures, lack of air humidity and indoor heating can all contribute to affecting your skin, leaving it vulnerable to dehydration and sensitivity. Top that off with a distinct lack of vitamin D, and you’ve got yourself a rather dull, dry complexion that doesn’t quite recover until the birds start singing.

Combating winter skin can seem like a daunting task at first, but with a few simple changes to your skincare routine, you can keep you glow throughout these cold months.

Change your cleanser

In the summer months, a light cleanser should be all you need, but to combat the dryness whilst protecting your skin’s protective barrier, the best option would be a creamy cleanser that can moisturise as well as cleanse.


The key to any skincare routine is to of course keep your skin hydrated at all times. Opt for a creamier moisturiser this winter to give your skin as much hydration as possible. Search for creams that offer barrier repairing ceramides and fatty acids that are great for preventing water loss. When your skin is hydrated, it regains its plumpness and glow, even on the darkest days.

Oil up

Facial oils are the most effective at hydrating your skin, either add to your daily moisturiser to simply warm up in your hands and apply straight to your face. Certain oils such as Rosehip oil deliver nourishment and repair to your skin and is considered one of the top anti-ageing oils for both your skin and immune system.


Dry skin can be persistent and doesn’t shed as easily as dead cells do, so it’s recommended to invest an exfoliator to keep the dullness at bay whilst tackling uneven pigmentation. Exfoliating can range from a textured cloth to a liquid peel; it doesn’t always have to be a gritty scrub; they can often be too harsh on sensitive skin. Integrate exfoliation into your nightly skincare routine and follow with a layer of moisturiser.


Last but not least, your lips need taking care of in the winter just as much as your skin. Your lips don’t have any oil glands of their own, so when cold, dry weather comes knocking, it’s not long before your lips chap and crack, be sure to apply protective lip balm throughout the colder days to keep your lips supple and soft.

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