Bathroom Cabinet Essentials

Bathroom cabinets are usually a haven of goodies from teeth whitening strips to tweezers, it’s a very well-known practice for many to have a quick snoop through a friend’s cabinet when using their facilities and often, there is the shock and horror of the lack of products that some people have in their bathrooms.

Whether you are hosting guests or simply haven’t updated your bathroom cabinet in a while, these absolute essentials should always be stocked in your cupboard, with replenishments for emergencies! 

First up is, of course, to make sure you have a bathroom cabinet to store all of your cosmetic goodies in, whilst shelves and baskets provide a quick solution to clutter, it’s much more appealing to have everything tucked behind a mirror. Explore our range of cabinets as your first step to the perfectly stocked bathroom.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Dental floss

Whilst this is an incredibly obvious choice, bear in mind that unorganised guests will often forget most toiletries, especially if it’s an unexpected stay. Be the perfect host by making sure you always have a selection of varied toothbrushes ready for use, as well as a fresh tube of toothpaste to offer. Secondly, dental floss; it’s more important than you think and especially handy after a dinner party to remove the dreaded leftovers from between teeth.


A handy tool that seems to be missing from most houses, it’s something that mostly you rely on your parents to have. However, when self-diagnosing illness, it’s always handy to get an accurate understanding of how hot you really are before worrying too much, so this a definite must for your cabinet.

Cotton buds and cotton pads

Both of these tools have many uses, whether they assist you with makeup emergencies, the removal of makeup or are used for general cleansing and cleaning. They can be incredibly handy when it comes to applying ointments, lips balm; as well as antiseptic creams to any cuts or injuries. You will realise the potential as soon as they’re in your cupboard.

Face and body moisturiser

As mentioned in some of our previous blog posts, moisturising on daily basis is an absolute must for healthy skin; no matter your skin type, you should always have your preferred moisturiser handy, perhaps with the addition of a luxurious night cream to hydrate your skin after a particularly boozy night. A large tub of body moisturiser should always be available, to make sure your skin’s moisture is locked in straight after getting out the shower. Not only will your skin improve dramatically, but you will soon realise how often guests like the option of having moisturiser on offer.

Paracetamol and Ibuprofen

Make sure you can always self-medicate with pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine to get you through hellish hangovers and general aches, pains and toothaches. Be sure you stock up with several packs to ensure you don’t run out when most in need, a classic mistake for many!

Baby Wipes

The handiest tool in the toolbox; removing stains from quite literally any surface, including skin, if ever you decide to use your hand as a notebook, fear no more! If you are lucky enough to have children, then baby wipes will become your saviour. This is another on to stock up on, you can never have enough.

Spare soap

It’s the worst feeling when you’ve been to the toilet and head to the sink to wash your hands, realising that there is no soap to properly sanitise. We’ve all heard the stats as to how dirty toilet seats can get, so be extra cautious and always have some spare soap in your cabinet for a rainy day, you’ll definitely thank yourself in the future.

Our essentials rundown are just a few things we consider necessities above anything else, what would yours be?

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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