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Everyone wants their bathroom to be a place where they can relax and take it easy. Somewhere to soak in long baths, take time out to have luxurious pamper sessions or even just get a quick refreshing shower to wake you up on those early mornings.

But between clogged drains, noisy toilets and dodgy water pressure, sometimes your bathroom can be anything but relaxing. So what happens when your bathroom is making your morning shower a nightmare and your evening routine something you dread?

We’ve come up with three easy DIY solutions to those pesky problems that seem too trivial to call an expert for help with, but just keep coming back to annoy you.

Clogged Drain

The only thing worse than taking a shower and realising the dirty water is building up around your feet because the plug hole is clogged, is cleaning said plug hole after this realisation. It’s never pretty to have to see what’s lurking down there in those pipes.

For a quick fix solution to a clogged sink or bath, simply pour down around 60 grams of baking soda, followed by 120 ml of white wine vinegar. This will work to clear away the build-up that’s clogging the inside of the pipes.

Try not to run any water for at least an hour after doing this, to give the products time to really work their magic. If you start to notice any unpleasant odours after cleaning your drain, just pour some lemon juice down there too, this works really well at banishing those nasty smells.

Repeat this every few weeks or so to make sure you stay on top of the situation, it doesn’t take long and will save you money on buying the pricey drain unblocking kits that are available in the supermarkets.

Removing Mould and Mildew

Not only does mildew make your bathroom look unsightly when it’s creeping up the shower curtain or across the ceiling, it also makes it smell unpleasantly damp and can be damaging for your health.

Unfortunately, the often damp and warm environment of your bathroom is the perfect place for mildew to grow though, so you need to make sure that you’re really careful in cleaning it away- to make sure that it doesn’t keep coming back time and time again.

Make a solution that is 1 part chlorine bleach to three parts water. Scrub the area with a bristled brush then rinse thoroughly and dry the patch with old towels or thick tissue paper. Make sure to keep the windows open or use a de-humidifier during and after the process, to keep the walls as dry as possible.

To prevent the mould build up from returning, you need to keep your bathroom well ventilated and dry. Consider installing a de-humidifier, or simply keep windows open where possible when showering or bathing. Remove any wet towels and spread out your shower curtain to dry when you’ve used it.

Don’t worry if the mould keeps coming back in small patches, with this method it’s easy enough to get rid of it. However, if the problem seems extensive and uncontrollable, you should seek expert help to avoid the damaging effects that mould spores can have on your health.

Cleaning your shower head

We often don’t ever think about cleaning the shower head, but when it starts to become clogged with lime-scale build up, it can lead to a reduced water pressure, or even water shooting out at you in random directions.

It’s easy enough to fix this though. Simply unscrew the showerhead and place it in a large container that is filled with 1 part vinegar and eight parts boiling water. Leave it to soak for as long as possible then remove it from the solution and fix it back into place. It’s that simple.

Here at Illuminated Mirrors, we know just how important it is to keep your bathroom looking beautiful, and with these three tricks in your back pocket you can make sure you keep it feeling fresh and clean so that you can really make the most of the precious ‘you-time’ you enjoy in there.

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