How eco-friendly is your bathroom?

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In today’s environment-conscious world, reusing and recycling is high on everyone’s list of priorities and saving energy can also mean shaving considerable amounts from your utility bills. But when it comes to eco-friendly living, most people think of making changes in the kitchen and living areas before anywhere else.

The bathroom is often overlooked as somewhere that can have any significant impact on your green lifestyle, but with every member of the household using it frequently throughout the day, any small changes you make in there can make a huge difference.

From indulging in relaxing baths that use up excessive amounts of water to the dozens of bottles of half-used unwanted products that you throw away- you can waste so much in your bathroom without even realising it.

If you want to start thinking more seriously about saving water and energy (as well as money) in your bathroom, these five areas would be an excellent place to start…

1) Turn off the taps

Even seemingly small things like leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth or not getting round to fixing a dripping faucet or leaking toilet can make a massive difference to the amount of water you waste.

Turn taps off when you’re not using them and get any leaks sorted. It will lower your environmental footprint and, as a bonus, you’ll certainly notice a difference when your next water bill arrives!

2) Swap to low-flow

Although toilets, sinks and shower heads in newer homes are usually already designed to be more efficient, older fittings can often use up much more water, with older toilets sometimes using up to 6 gallons every time you flush! Low-flow toilets might be less powerful, but they do the same job while using much less water.

Similarly, installing a low-flow showerhead will make a huge difference too. They can bring the amount of water you use when showering down to as little as 2 gallons or less, which means you’ll not only save on the amount of water you’re using, but you’ll use less energy heating the water!

If you’re someone who enjoys taking your time in long showers, it’s a worthwhile change to consider.

3) Recycle

You’re probably used to recycling kitchen waste by now – you’ll probably even have specific bins in your kitchen dedicated to sorting various items – but often the same won’t apply to your bathroom waste and things that you’d usually recycle elsewhere often end up getting chucked into the same bin.

Next time you’re in the home department of your local supermarket, pick up a couple of extra bathroom bins and start sorting your tissues from your empty shampoo bottles. It might mean you’re emptying various bins a bit more often, but at least you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment!

4) Swap to eco-friendly products

Being conscious of the bathroom products and accessories you buy can have multiple benefits. Not only will using certified organic products mean you’ll be releasing fewer harmful toxins like parabens into the environment, but you’ll also probably notice healthier hair and skin, and you’ll know exactly what you’re putting onto your body without having to read through the hundreds of mysterious ingredients on the back of the bottle!

Shops like Lush are ideal for picking up great environmentally-conscious, organic products made from natural ingredients and, as an added plus, they support fair-trade farmers and charities working in human-rights and protecting animals from the harmful impact our cosmetics industry can have on their lives. So by buying these types of products, you’re putting your money towards ethical business practices and contributing towards an overall healthier environment.

5) LED Lighting

We’ve talked before about the benefits of switching to LED lighting, but if you haven’t already made the swap, now would be a great time, and it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to start noticing a difference to your energy output.

LED bulbs can use up to 80% less energy than the alternatives, so they’ll make a massive difference to your electricity bill. Plus, they last for much longer than other options, with a lifespan that can last up to 30,000 hours, meaning you won’t have to keep buying and fitting replacements.

Our range of illuminated bathroom mirrors and cabinets come with LED options to give you much greater longevity as well as a lower electricity bill than you could expect from the alternative versions. So, take a look at our range of LED products if you want to start making outstanding efforts towards a greener lifestyle.

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