3 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Cool

Go on, admit it – you want to be cool. You wouldn’t have clicked on this post otherwise.

Well, you’re not alone. Everyone you meet, from that slightly stressed out looking chap on the bus to your significant other, wants to be cool.

But, as we grow older, the ways in which we can be ‘cool’ change. It’s unbecoming of a 45 year old man to listen to Ke$ha, while dressing like Fonzie is just going to get you funny looks.

So how can one be cool? Well, as a grown-up, you have money and a space you can make all your own – your home.

And, as we’re super cool here at Illuminated Mirrors, we’ve put together a few ways to make your bathroom cooler than Samuel L. Jackson jumping 20 school buses on a skateboard:


Bathrooms are boring. You might be able to read the odd magazine or book, but apart from that, entertainment is sparse.

It’s something that bathroom designers know all too well, having spent many years figuring out a way to install televisions and other fun stuff without potentially electrocuting people.

Well, they’ve done it – TV screens in bathrooms are now ten-a-penny and will only set you back…erm, about £500.

A more modest entertainment option is an iPad stand/toilet paper holder combination, an unholy union that allows you to browse in peace and comfort (hand sanitiser not included, but highly recommended).


Technology is taking over the world, with even the most technophobic of folks happily queuing for 5 hours to get the latest iPhone.

Tech’s unstoppable assault on our lives extends to the bathrooms, with some admittedly cool gadgets. This article from PC Advisor features some of the best, with highlights including:

  • A ‘smart’ tap that uses facial recognition to adjust water flow and temperature
  • A Wi-FI scale that measures weight, fat mass and BMI and sends it to an app for analysis and tracking
  • An electric toothbrush that monitors your brushing time and pressure. It also has its own remote control.
  • The Toto Neorest 500, a toilet which – among other things – plays sound effects. For obvious reasons…

Tech is taking over your bathroom, and the only way to stay cool is to accept it.


Music is one of the main measures of coolness, so it makes sense to add some to your bathroom.

The options for playing music in your bathroom is endless, from iPod docking stations masquerading as toilet roll holders (weird trend, we know) to our own Bluetooth mirrored cabinets.

audio mirror for blog post

Just make sure you don’t play that ‘Shaddup You Face’ single you bought back in ‘80…

Of course, the only real way to be cool is to be yourself…but a few gadgets here and there won’t do any harm either.

To learn more about our illuminated mirrors, and for any enquiries, get in touch today.


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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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