How to style (and win a free) Hollywood mirror

In case you missed it last week, we’re giving away a Hollywood Mirror on Facebook! All you have to do is upload a selfie of yourself – we’ll pick our favourite, and that person will win the competition.

The Hollywood Mirror is one of the most versatile products in our range, looking equally at home in the bedroom, bathroom or the lounge. Here are just a few of the ways you can add a bit of Hollywood style to your home.


We’ve covered ways you can transform your bedroom into an ultra-glamorous dressing room on the blog before, and the Hollywood mirror is an integral part of that.

The most obvious place to put your mirror is on top of your dressing table, where you can easily reach make-up and other accessories. The Hollywood mirror’s size makes it ideal for most bedrooms, with the glow of the bulbs adding a cool atmosphere to even the smallest of spaces – as well as making getting ready for a night out easier.

If you want a slightly different look, try a wall-mounted Hollywood mirror. The clean edges of the mirror help to create a minimalist, neutral look, which is ideal if you share your bedroom with your other half. Installing a wall-mounted mirror is more of a commitment to a certain style, as you can’t move the mirror around at will, but it’s a commitment worth making!


Opinions tend to be divided when it comes to putting a mirror in the lounge. On the one hand, it’s always good to get a look at yourself and mirrors can make a room look bigger. But on the other, mirrors can be distracting in a room that’s designed for relaxation.

Whether or not you install a Hollywood mirror in your lounge depends entirely on the style of the rest of the room.  In a homely, rustic style room, a Hollywood mirror is going to stick out like a sore thumb. Yet for a minimalist room, a wall-mounted mirror would look fantastic.

Hollywood mirrors can also add an extra element of kitsch to extravagant designs – we reckon a Hollywood mirror would fit right in with this design from blogger The Unperfectionist.


Putting a Hollywood mirror in your bathroom isn’t the most obvious design choice, but it creates a stunning effect and adds glamour and style to even the most boring of bathrooms.

Bathroom Hollywood mirrors are best used to create a hotel style bathroom (think a bathroom suite in a 5 star Vegas hotel) with neutral tones and a luxury feel (you can learn more about designing your own hotel-style bathroom in this blog post).

They also suit spa-style bathrooms, with the lights contributing to a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

The ways in which you can use a Hollywood mirror are plentiful – the only thing you need to do now is get your hands on one, so enter our competition on Facebook!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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