5 common mistakes people make designing their bathroom

From hanging your bathroom cabinet in the wrong place, to whitewashing EVERYTHING. Here are five of the most common bathroom mistakes and how to fix them.

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Not considering space

Let’s face it, your bathroom is often the last place you’ll gift extra space to. As long as we spend beautifying ourselves and no matter how often we enjoy a relaxing soak, bedrooms and living areas usually weigh up higher than the restroom when it comes to utilising a house’s square footage.

That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t make the most of the space you’ve got. Poor configuration of a suite can make a small bathroom look even smaller and make the most relaxing room in the house feel restless. Consider where cabinets can go (not forgetting above the sink) and where your bathroom will sit best. Be creative – we’ve put together some tips elsewhere on the site if you need some inspiration!

Putting your mirror in the wrong place

This might sound like an odd thing to say, but one of THE most common mistakes those designing their home make is putting an (often beautiful) mirror in the wrong place. Not feeling it? Think about it this way – many of us use mirrors to make a space look bigger – the mirror reflects the space, right? Stick that mirror opposite the toilet or dirty linen basket and you’re instantly making it look more cluttered and encouraging visitors to focus on the bad things in the room. Try and get it to reflect some of the light from a window or a particularly airy spot. It makes a world of difference!

Not thinking about light

Light is EVERYTHING in a well thought-through bathroom design – it makes a slightly scruffy room look cleaner, and makes even the dampest of sweatboxes that little bit more pleasant. Like space, it can feel like the least important room to give natural light to when you’re designing or reconfiguring your home. However, even if you’re not gifted with a natural light, it’s easy enough to fake – opt for LED lighting for ultra bright, cool tones and opt for mirrors and cabinets with built-in lighting or extra spots along the wall for optimum brightness.

Playing it too safe

White walls? White suite? White towels? While a subtle shade of magnolia looks fresh and easy when you’re first creating your bathroom, it gets dirty and groggy very quickly. Playing it too safe in the bathroom is one of the worst ways to add long-lasting style and you’ll find you need a fresh coat of paint very regularly to keep it trim. Try playing around with colours and consider tiles that aren’t snow white – you’ll thank yourself for it when the grouting begins to get its inevitable black spots of mould.

Choosing dark colours

While you might not want white everywhere, you equally don’t want to suck away light through dark shades (a tip for any room in our experience). Remember the tip about brightness – darker shades absorb any natural light, making a small space feel claustrophobic and even big spaces feel suffocating. Consider feature wall colours and how you can incorporate colour to the accessories you buy. It’s about making a room feel brighter and airier – regardless of size – never the other way round.

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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