Valentine’s day: A gift guide

Gone are the days of chocolates, teddy bears and a vanilla candle; we want something with a little more pizazz and thought to it. Whilst Valentine’s day should be a day to celebrate the ones you love, a gift certainly always help to make the day a bit more special. Whether you are buying for a friend, a loved one or treating yourself; here are our top gifts for Valentine’s this year.


With underwear, you are still verging on the cliche gift for Valentines, but, you are providing a gift that is almost always appreciated. The craze of non-wired bras is still very much among us, so head to Urban Outfitters, or Love Stories to get some beautifully designed sets in complementary colours. Steer clear of any brash colours, as they tend to not sit well on many skin tones; stick to blacks, nudes, and navy for a particularly sophisticated look. There are some incredible options available; if you feel as though underwear is too daring, you may opt for the more subtle option of nightwear, with a varying choice from ASOS, you will be able to find the perfect style. If you fancy getting some truly unique and high-quality pyjamas, head to Desmond and Dempsey where you will find yourself in PJ heaven.


With the continued green-finger trend taking precedent in 2017, many homes are being graced with succulents and cactus’, setting a vibrant yet relaxed feel through homes across the country. Adding green to a room has a great effect on the atmosphere of any room, as well as the mood of people. Going green is very much a strong trend flying through this year; whilst it’s always best to visit your local florist for fresh plants, The Fresh Flower company are the best at providing a quick delivery of the highest quality plants. 

Chilly’s bottle

We all love a little something to make our day that bit easier. Enter Chilly’s; the revolutionary bottle that will keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. Made out of durable stainless steel with an airtight, leak-proof screw top lip; this bottle is the best way to carry around your beverage. Putting an emphasis on drinking more, whilst keeping the environment safe and available in an array of beautiful colours, as well as 3 sizes from the personal 260ml, which fits perfectly into any bag to the largest size of 750ml, which will conveniently fit a whole bottle of wine in… you’re welcome.

Slip Eye mask

Sleeping masks have always been a great idea, especially when it comes to getting that extra hour in bed on a Saturday morning; we don’t want the sun shining in so bright! Slip, offer the best sleeping masks available, using 100% pure silk and non-toxic dyes, it’s the extra comfort you never knew you needed. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could combine the mask with a silk pillowcase to ensure the best night’s sleep for the foreseeable future. Slip pillowcases let your skin and scalp breathe, and doesn’t pull on your skin, which can encourage premature wrinkles.

Dyson Hair-dryer

The best hair-dryer to grace our planet, it’s truly a revolutionary beauty. Staying true to their ways, Dyson has knocked the original hair-dryer design out and have presented a sexier and much less bulky version, which, of course, has an unrivaled performance. Dyson spent millions on developing this product; including testing on 1,000 miles of hair with 600 prototype dryers to get the end results, that retails at a cool £299. Cutting drying time in half, whilst producing smooth, beautiful locks, it really is the dryer of dreams.


Of course, no beauty enthusiast has a complete kit until they acquire a Hollywood mirror. Feeling like a star with the extra benefit of getting the perfect lighting for application is the dream of all the makeup-mad. In an array of beautiful colours, as well as an all-mirror version, there will be no problem matching the perfect mirror to the perfect personality.

With so many options to woo with this year, there is no excuse for late or ‘forgotten’ gifts; the month of love is upon us and we should all embrace!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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