Bathroom Lighting Tips & Tricks

When it comes to redesigning a bathroom, many people make the mistake of getting too wrapped up in choosing colours, accessories and furniture that they often forget one of the most important parts – choosing the correct lighting to showcase their newly designed masterpiece.

Although bathroom lighting may seem like a minor detail to many people however it is actually one of the most important rooms in your home when it comes to lighting. Differing from other rooms in your home, bathroom lighting has to fulfil many different functions from bright light for shaving and applying makeup in the morning to more sensual mood lighting in the evening not to mention it really helps to make the room more visually appealing.

So we’re on hand to provide you with our top tips and tricks for bathroom lighting. You will be amazed at the difference effective lighting can make to a room.

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Lighting your bathroom design

Enhance natural lighting
Most bathrooms will have a window meaning there will be a natural source of light coming through however if you live in a modern home or are lucky enough to have en-suite / cloakroom bathrooms with no natural light source, then a main ceiling light will definitely be required. If your bathroom is larger than average, we recommend providing additional lighting in the areas which are furthest away from the natural light source. Furthermore, you should aim to highlight any dark areas which can be done with strategically placed downlighting.

In addition to enhancing natural lighting our next tip is to select lighting which will complement the rest of your bathroom design. For example, if you have opted for chrome or on trend rose gold accessories and finishes, the best thing to do is find light fittings which are complementary. This goes for spotlights, ceiling lights and mirror lights you choose.

Dimmer switches
As we mentioned above, bathrooms are multi-functional rooms used at all different times of the day so dimmer switches can be an incredibly great way to add bright light when it is needed in the mornings with dimmer lighting reserved for relaxing in the evenings. Dimmer switches can be added to main ceiling lights, and spotlights located throughout your bathroom.

Smaller bathroom lighting tips
As you know, smaller bathrooms are more prone to shadows and getting the lighting just right can be more difficult. However by following our lighting top tips, you can make your small bathroom feel more spacious than ever before.

Venus Shaver Edge Mirror (Lighted  Edge)

  • Avoid large, obtrusive lighting such as chandeliers or low-hanging lights as these can make small bathrooms appear even smaller. Instead, to light up the room, use a mixture of LED spotlights sitting flush to the ceiling and mirrors with lights to add substance.
  • If you’re thinking large mirrors wouldn’t be at home in a small bathroom then you’re wrong. In fact, large mirrors are actually very effective in a small bathroom, the bigger the better. Not only will this make your bathroom look AMAZING, it will help to reflect any natural light shining in around the room. Now you might say that we are biased but we highly recommend our Lighted Edge and bathroom Hollywood mirrors and if you have a little bit more space opt for a Lighted Edge cabinet for additional storage space.

Do you have any other top tips? We’d love to see your snaps of how you used lighting to enhance your bathroom – tag us over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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