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Back in April 2015, Ikea debuted the smart kitchen complete with the ‘table for living’ which will assist with meal preparation, suggest meal combinations and turn the table surface into a burner for us. Not only that, the table can also keep our food warm or cold at certain parts whilst charging our phones – we are absolutely loving the future already!

However, the kitchen isn’t the only room in your home which is likely to see improvements thanks to technology – according to futurologist Doctor Ian Pearson and our bathrooms will be next to see a makeover. Doctor Pearson has said that over the next 10 years, thanks to the internet of things, we should expect to see great things being introduced into our personal space.

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So what can we expect to see? Dr Pearson has partnered with to create a credible insight into the bathrooms we are likely to have in the next 10 years right through to 2040.

Smart Mirrors

Cosmetics: Back in 2015, Panasonic unveiled their own concept of the smart mirror complete with LED displays and high-resolution cameras for both cosmetic and health reasons. On the cosmetics side of things, by 2025 smart mirrors could advise us on the makeup that suits us and provide tips to enhance our looks however 15 years later in 2040, experts suggest makeup will have evolved into smart makeup and our mirrors could include the ability to see how we would look with different colours and shades before actually applying.

Smart Mirrors 2040

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Health benefits: As well as being used for effective makeup application, smart mirrors are expected to benefit us from a health perspective too. BMI, blood pressure and heart rate can be projected onto the mirror and there has been speculation that smart mirrors could monitor your vital stats, act like a virtual doctor and warn you when you are likely to pick up an infection – because nobody wants to get sick!

Bathroom Robots

If cleaning ain’t your thing then you’ll be counting down the days to 2040. In 25 years from now, it will be a thing of the past and we can expect to have robots do our dirty work for us. Hey, that’s not all, they could bathe and groom us within an inch of our lives AND possibly even apply makeup, and provide manicures and massages – does this get any better?

Fingerprint recognition systems

Over the last few years, we have noticed fingerprint recognition become more prevalent when it comes to our mobile phones – hello extra security. When it comes to our bathroom, the experts have suggested that as early as 2025 we could be able to enable our personalised lighting and entertainment settings simply through the use of our fingerprints.


When it comes to us consumers, we all love our tech and gadgets in the bathroom from shower radios back in the day to the more modern bluetooth speakers and mirrors (which we have a wide range of here). However, the future holds even more where wall and floor tiles could act as flat panel speakers as well as displays.

3D printed bathroom fittings

Yes, you could say we have saved the best to last here. By 2040 we could see our bathrooms fittings 3D printed allowing everyone’s bathrooms to be completely unique. Thanks to advances in materials that will hopefully be available in 25 years time, we could have baths and toilet seats that adapt to the shape of each individual user – a bit like memory foam mattresses do at the moment.

Bare in mind, the Back to the Future were a little more optimistic in their predictions that we would have hover boards and lace-up trainers by 2015 so in 10 years from now we may not be advanced as we think. Until then, we can only dream and keep our eye on the technology.

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