Gift Ideas for Dads Who Like Grooming

He’s got more crammed in his bathroom cabinet than you and he can’t live without his expensive lotions and potions – in the age of the metrosexual gent, dads are no longer afraid of a bit of conditioner and don’t you dare suggest changing his serum for a cheap moisturiser. Here’s our gift guide for dads who love a pamper or two – because, of course, only the best will do.

Spa trip for him

Think pampering is just for the ladies? Think again. There’s nothing more relaxing than a spa visit complete with massages, skin care and smellies – while he might not want all the goodies you’d go for, even the sportiest of us can benefit from a day being pampered with deep-muscle massages perfect for practically anyone. At the very least, a professional hot towel shave will make him feel (and look) a million dollars – much better than all that belly-building beer!

Male Spa Fatehrs Day Gify IDeas

Think luxury, think relaxation and think out of the box – even if he protests, he’ll absolutely love it and you might just find yourself a new partner-in-crime for those pamper days you go on…

Shaving Mirror

Dad might have all the shaving gear but, as any queen or king of the bathroom knows, that’s not nearly enough. One of our most popular items for the suave gent is our range of audio shaving mirrors – with in-built sockets for electric shavers and integrated Bluetooth connectivity to play music directly from his phone or laptop (apologies to the neighbours for the singing that will commence).

amaze audio cabinet

He’s been the light of your life ever since you were born, give him a little illumination back with a stylish LED light chrome model – or opt for a cabinet (for him to keep all his goodies in). It’s all about working around his bathroom style and giving him a piece of functional luxury.

Hair dryer & styling gels

Once upon a time, it was women who were accused of spending too long on their hair. However, ever since David Beckham first taught men the world over it’s ok to update your hairstyle weekly, nothing’s been further from the truth.

It might seem like an odd gift but, if dad likes his grooming, invest in a new hairdryer and some treats for his locks – speak to your hairdresser about the popular choices for male clients and what they’d recommend for his particular style (try showing them a photo of his hairstyle). It’s something he’d likely never (have the guts to) buy himself, but he’ll absolutely adore it and will give you a run for your money in the styling stakes.

Expensive smellies

Male Gift ideas fathers day luxury grooming

While it might not be the most original idea, remember that your dad will very rarely invest in any expensive products for himself. Visit a specialist store like Space NK or a local skin clinic (they’ll normally have a high-end store inside) and ask a specialist for advice on the best products for your dad’s dermis. Think easy-to-use, daily essentials that will give him a little bit of luxury on even the most stressful of days!

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