Choosing the Perfect Mirror for Your Bathroom

We’re now almost two months into the new year and if you haven’t refurbed your bathroom we know you’re probably thinking about it. So what better way to add that little extra sparkle than with an Illuminated Mirror? From Ultra-Slim to Bluetooth, Glow to Hollywood we have a wide range of bathroom mirrors and cabinets to provide that finishing touch and make your bathroom sparkle.
perfect mirror for your bathroom

Of course it is best to place your bathroom mirror where it will be the most practical for your needs e.g. above your wash basin or nearer the window (hello daylight for the best makeup application), however depending on bathroom layout, this may not always be possible. If you’re looking for a larger mirror, you may opt for a wall-mounted Hollywood or for a smaller bathroom with narrow walls, an ultra-slim may be more suited to you. So we have the lowdown on how to select the best mirror for you.

For the Space Savers – Ultra-Slim Mirrors

For the smaller bathroom, our ultra-slim mirrors are the ultimate accessory. Ranging from square, circular, portrait and landscape, complete with warm LED,’s, cool LED’s, ambient lighting, demisters and sensors as well as in battery operated form – (that was a mouthful) – we have an ultra-slim mirror for every small bathroom. Check out our full range of ultra-slim mirrors here.

For the Make-up Lovers – Bathroom Hollywood Mirrors

Bringing the glitz and glamour to every bathroom we know which of our mirrors are likely to be at the top of all the gals wish lists – the Hollywood bathroom mirror right? Whether you’re a makeup lover or have a bunch of space in your bathroom, this mirror will be right up your street. The focal point of any girl’s bathroom, the bright, round bulbs provide soft, feminine lighting, are perfect for applying makeup and they provide a good level of reflective lighting for bathroom areas. Available with dimmer switches, this lower wattage can also provide a soft, and more relaxing ambience for guests.

Top tip: Avoid mirrors with light bars or bulbs solely at the top. More light will be placed onto your forehead and dark shadows will be cast below your eyes and chin. As well as this type of lighting being ineffective for applying makeup and shaving for that matter, this will visibly age you which of course we don’t want.

For the Techies – Bluetooth Mirrors

If you read our last blog we won’t ramble on and on about the benefits of these mirrors but if you have said goodbye to your old faithful shower radio and want to play your trusty playlist whilst showering, look no further than our mirrors with built in bluetooth. Definitely a mirror for the techie, gadget, entertainment lovers amongst us and if you want to find out more about them, read our last blog here.

For the Trendsetters – Circular & Infinity Mirrors

If you often succumb to the latest trends and are always on the lookout for new products for your home – circular and infinity mirrors are likely to be the latest addition to your bathroom. Available in both circular and rectangular models, the rectangular mirrors can be hung both portrait or landscape and these frameless mirrors offer the perfect reflection when turned off.

Whichever mirror you choose for your bathroom, both our ultra-slim and bluetooth mirrors can be purchased complete with demister pads and sensors and for practicality however if it’s more about adding style to your bathroom, we recommend opting for our Hollywood’s or Infinity mirrors to really wow.

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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