Size Isn’t Everything – Make Your Small Bathroom Live Large

Coming into Spring (wow where have the last two months gone), you’re probably thinking about your Spring clean and getting your home in tip top shape in time for summer. But if you have a small bathroom how can you really make the most of it? Whether it’s your main bathroom, en-suite or your downstairs loo, we’re on hand to share our tips for space saving and creating that inner sanctuary you won’t want to leave.

Tip #1 – Rounded Accessories

We know, the struggles are real. If you have ever had a small bathroom where you had to cleverly manoeuvre your way in and out you will have probably hurt every part of your body at least once. But fear not. Rounded corner sinks and rounded vanity units around your sink will be a saviour for everyone with a small bathroom. Combine this rounded vanity unit with lots of storage space for those beauty products from your Spring haul and your bathroom will remain clutter free.

**One of the worst things for a small bathroom is clutter as it can make it appear smaller. Keeping it clutter free, minimal, well lit and ensuring your beauty products are stored away can give the room a light, airy feel.

LED Bathroom Cabinet

Tip #2 – Shower Curtain or Glass Panels

If you are really restricted on space available you may opt for a shower curtain or for the style conscious amongst us, a glass panel. However, it’s worth bearing in mind, shower curtains can often separate a room and if your main goal is to make it appear larger, it may be worth splashing an extra few pounds on that glass panel to add that wow factor.

Tip #3 – Mount Your Mirrors

Of course we all know the magic mirrors can make in making a bathroom appear larger so use them at any opportunity you can. From the large Hollywood mirrors (perfect for all makeup lovers) to the Bluetooth complete with shaving sockets (for the gadget-loving guys), the larger the mirror the better, especially if you are sharing a bathroom. Mounting your mirror above your washing area also gives you additional space – ‘cause every inch of getting ready space matter rights?

Tip #4 – Trough Style Sinks

Hot from the kitchen and bathroom 2016 design trends list, we are absolutely loving trough style sinks! But don’t let the less than glamorous name put you off. Appealing to the more contemporary, stylish consumer, trough sinks (also known as double sinks), are a godsend to anyone looking to save that all-important bathroom space. When mounted on the wall as opposed to free-standing, it also frees up floor space.

**Incorporating a slim-line trough sink with our Vogue Sensor Cabinet will not only add on-trend style to your bathroom, it makes your bathroom appear much larger and gives you that much-needed extra space.

Tip #5 – Keep it Light & Bright

With black and white making a strong statement for bathrooms in 2016, it certainly is stunning however for the smaller bathroom, we’re loving the white on white trend. With calming colours growing in popularity, we are seeing more and more of the lilacs and blush, powdery pinks taking the stage and incorporating a pop of these colours alongside the white on white trend will ensure your bathroom remains light and airy.

**Pairing light, baby pinks with metallic tones and brass styles will really warm up your bathroom.

As well as the above, extending shelving ever so slightly around the perimeter of your bathroom and mounting a towel rail on the back of a door or on the side of your shower door can save that little extra space too.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to space save and created your perfect bathroom in time for Spring!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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