Christmas Gift Accessories for the Beauty Mad

She rivals any major department store with the amount of makeup goodies she collects on her dressing table, and probably keeps even the biggest brands in business with how much she spends; to the beauty-mad, makeup isn’t just something to wear – it’s an art and Christmas beauty buys are serious stuff.

As Francois Nars himself said, however, “you cannot achieve good makeup without good tools” and while you might not feel brave enough to risk buying the wrong lipstick shade (after all, we all know how expensive they are), here’s our guide to the best beauty buys you can’t go wrong with – whatever her style!

Hollywood Mirror

Well, we couldn’t have a list like this without our number one best-seller could we?! From the biggest TV celebrities to everyone’s favourite beauty bloggers, our Hollywood mirrors are world-famous for their quality, longevity and (above all else) their beauty. Proper lighting is crucial to get proper makeup and it’s no surprise that our range of Hollywood beauts are the most popular on our site.

Makeup Mirror

Complete with dimmer switches, a 10 year warranty and a huge selection of styles (including some with bluetooth audio capability), a Hollywood is for life not just for Christmas – making them one of our top buys for makeup queens!

New Brush Collection

While it might not be the pinnacle of a fancy shop shop, never underestimate how important the correct brushes are. Perhaps even more crucial than new foundation or eyeshadow, the right brushes can blend the unblendable and add colour to the most crinkled of creases. If you don’t know where to start, check out our list of some of the best brushes on the market – she’ll thank you for it!

makeup brushes

Makeup Vanity and Tidies

You can’t have the perfect mirror without the perfect dressing table to put it on (rather obviously) and, if you’ve the space, you’ll never stop receiving thanks for an ultimate vanity setup. From simple styles available at places like IKEA to the more lavish options on offer at specialist boutiques or even a DIY shabby chic repaint done at home, you cannot go wrong with the perfect dressing table – especially when you compliment it with the right tidies.

It may not sound particularly exciting, but a makeup tidy and desk is serious business. We have hundreds of happy customers who compliment their mirrors with dream tidies to keep all organised – whether it’s pretty boxes picked up from a store or a custom-made creation large enough to store everything!

Tea Party Beauty Vanity Setup

Hayley at Tea Party Beauty knows how to maximise the space of her vanity setup

Primers and Setting Sprays

Just like the tools you use to achieve your finish, the potions and lotions you put on your skin before and after makeup are crucial in how long it lasts. Get her a premium primer or setting spray and she’ll feel fantastic for even longer (all thanks to you!).

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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