The Winter Trend: a reflection on the 90’s

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The cold months are finally upon us, with the warm up to Christmas festivities in full swing, we are once again stumped by the task of staying warm whilst being stylish.

Cold, rainy weather has always been the number one culprit for ripping a woman’s personal style away from her; replaced with the dreaded lumpy jumper and layered leggings.

However, luckily for us, this winter is all about the return of the 90’s trends. The trends that have finally made their way back into our lives, 20 years later. We can now take comfort in our old style influences and add some 2016 pizzazz.

This is not the season to avoid the mirror, but to bask in all its glory. An illuminated mirror is no longer just your tool for beauty; it’s an integral part of constructing the perfect outfit, a style assistant, highlighting your look perfectly. A warming light to guide you through the darkened days of the winter gloom.

Drawing from a combination of Kate and Kendall influences, here are our top picks for AW 16.

Choker necklaces

Admittedly, the choker has come a long way since it was first adorned upon the ‘it’ girls of the 90’s. However, it has smashed onto the scene with full force this season, with many of our high street favourites offering a much more sophisticated variation to the original version. From stacked metal chokers to elegant satin bows, there is a great range on offer.

Slip dresses

The ultimate trend to return from the days of Clueless has to be the slip dress. A silky, glamorous evening gown that was heroed by Kate and Naomi circa 1992 now has a new lease of life for the winter, thanks to the trend of layering.  Take your favourite silky dress and layer it over a crisp white t-shirt, for a look that will revive the 90’s senses, whilst keeping you well on track for this season’s top looks.


A comeback welcomed with open arms for the winter months, the magnificently soft fabric that adds a hint of elegance to any outfit, wear velvet from head to toe or add to a statement piece for that wow factor. A blessing in disguise, this luxurious fabric is perfect for the colder climate, offering a comfortable and snuggly feel.

Puffer jackets

The most nostalgic item on our list is the puffer jacket: a staple wardrobe requirement for any 90’s fashion icon and the biggest trend of the season. A dominant trend that can showcase your style whilst keeping you incredibly cozy, adding volume and dimension to your look. There are updated versions of this classic coat from Topshop to Stella McCartney… take your pick!

With such great trends paving the way this winter, it’s impossible to lose your style completely, however, with cold dark mornings ahead of us, a helping hand is always appreciated. Illuminated mirrors offer the warmth to inspire your early morning routine, becoming an integral tool for any style savvy individual. Complete your winter kit here:

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