The best ethical beauty brands on the market


In recent years the beauty and skincare market has boomed with the arrival of both ethical and vegan brands. Some, have been on the market for decades, with their message of being both ethical/vegan seen as just a side note, however, with people caring far more about where their products are coming from these days, it’s imperative to many consumers to only invest in a beauty brand that considers the environment, the correct practice of testing and far more natural ingredients.

With this demand rising, we’ve compiled a list of the best brands, both old and new, that you can happily invest in, safe in the knowledge that no living creature got hurt in the making of these products, whilst keeping out the nasty chemicals that were once used so freely.

Aesop | A brand that has continuously gained traction thanks, not only, to its vegan products, which are made up of natural ingredients, but also, because of their aesthetically pleasing branding, which can be found in beautiful shops across the country. Taking elements of the natural world, this brand is also well known for their extensive reviews on regulatory requirements when selling in new countries, ensuring that animal testing isn’t required; tough luck for China!

Barry M | A brand that practically every British woman has at least one product from; this leading cosmetics company has been creating colour pop magnificence through a variety of products since 1982, in which time they have remained true to themselves and have remained cruelty-free throughout. They are proud to have never tested on animals, nor engaged with another company that is known for testing. All of their products are suitable for vegetarians, with an increasing amount becoming vegan (listed on their site), giving you a viable option for a beauty brand that offers quality products, at a low price, whilst steering clear of all unethical behaviour.

Kat Von D | As a vegan herself, this marvellously glamorous and talented lady has created a beauty empire that is not only considerate of people and animals, but that has recently announced that they will be reformulating all of their products to be vegan-friendly. Whilst this is underway in the Kat Von D labs, you can head to their website and click on #veganalert to find all of their certified vegan products. Never tested on animals, never will be.

Lush | Well known for their vegan/organic products, Lush has been a leader in ethical beauty for years. Whilst the fragrances are not always everyone’s cup of tea, Lush’s strong environmental policy, sees many products being sold without plastic packaging or in recyclable containers; encouraging customers to save up and bring back their pots for a free mask (everyone loves a freebie!). They’ve also paved the way for ‘solid cosmetics’ releasing products like ‘solid mouthwash’ to reduce the amount of water waste.

NYX | Cruelty-free and acknowledged by PETA as being dedicated to animal rights, this high street brand is another cost-friendly option that often sits alongside Barry M. NYX has even been commended for their commitment to never sell its products in China, where it’s legally required to test all cosmetic products on animals.

Urban Decay | Another certified PETA brand, whilst also being certified by The Leaping Bunny program as being a cruelty-free cosmetics line. They are actively committed to ending animal testing, whilst requiring all suppliers to certify that the raw materials used in the all of their products are 100% not tested on animals.

Too Faced | Finally, we have a brand that we all love. Now it’s shipping to the UK, naturally, we love it even more. All of their products are completely vegan, whilst ensuring that all of their brushes are made with synthetic hair as opposed to animal hair. Cruelty-free superstars!

Even before we were aware of their animal cruelty efforts, we loved these brands; now, the knowledge of their continuous efforts towards leading the fight against animal cruelty has given us all we need to support these brands even more.

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