How to keep your Summer tan for longer

We are nearing the end of the Summer months, with only two months to go before Autumn is upon us and a wild array of warm colours explode onto our streets. You may be lucky and retain your colour for a respectable amount of time, or, even better, you may have a late Summer holiday booked to ease you into your Autumn woes.

However you enter the colder months, it’s always more palatable when you retain a Summer glow; never giving in to the inevitable loss of colour that so many Brits experience.  So, of course, to save both your skin and the reoccurring cost, we’ve rounded up the best ‘fake tan’ solutions on the market at the moment. You can thank us later.

Tan Towel | A beautifully bright brand, offering some of the best self-tanning products on the market. Originally USA based, but available on Amazon and, their self-tan towelette product has received nothing but 5-star reviews since their launch. Infused with a clear self-tanning formula which directly works with your skins proteins and amino acids to produce a healthy and natural, yet sunless tan within hours. Available in two tones, as well as two sizes that cover either the whole or half of your body, these incredible pockets of sunshine will leave you looking naturally tanned with a guaranteed ‘no streak, no mess’ policy.

Tan-Luxe Hydra Mousse | Another tanning product that is completely crystal clear, whilst being effectively hydrating upon application. This scientifically formulated fake tan gives you a natural looking tan whilst moisturising at the same time. An innovative fake tan essential, it blends seamlessly into your skin, leaving a sun-kissed glow within hours; enriched with vitamins it’s been highly rated for its incredible natural colour.

James Read Day Tan body | James Read is the only tanning range available that has been both formulated and headed up by leading tanning experts. James has built this entire range by himself, which has resulted in an innovative and beautiful range for all skin types and tones. With over 30 awards wins, this brand may just be the recipe to the glowing success of your at-home tan. Another brand that has created a colourless formula to ensure that your clothing no longer suffers, the day tan body lotion gives a gradual golden tan, whilst infusing your skin with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic acid and Co-Enzyme Q10. Use daily to keep your tan glowing or every 2-3 days to boost.

Dr Dennis Gross glow pad | As a practising dermatologist and well-respected member of the beauty industry, Dr Dennis Gross is a pioneer of combating skin ageing using rejuvenating products such as Glycolic, Lactic, Malic and Citric acids, without using harsh physical exfoliants that we are so often encouraged to use. His glow pads are streak free, available in two tones and have multiple anti ageing benefits, giving you a superbly natural glow.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze | For a far cheaper option and definitely, one of the most reliable of the many self-tanning ranges on the high street, this lotion offers a natural-looking glow, intense moisturisation and a delicate fragrance. However, watch out if you’ve got particularly pale skin, as it can seem a bit much if you slap it on too thickly.

With these incredible self-tanning products, you’ll be able to keep your tan through the Winter months, defying the weather and its lack of sun – positively glowing all year round!


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