How to Declutter your Bathroom: A Guest Post from The Declutter Hub

Have the contents of your bathroom been thrown rather than placed? Haven’t seen the light of day for many years, rust from the bottom of your deodorant can all over your shelves, it’s time for some action.

Getting your bathroom under control is simple. Declutter what you no longer need, maximise your storage space and make sure everything is visible and accessible.

Be ruthless. Be honest with yourself. If you haven’t used it in 6 months, chances are it won’t ever be. Time to declutter it! You can donate responsibly – there are lots of organisations that will take your unwanted toiletries. A quick google search will find them.

Don’t feel guilty. Keeping that expensive perfume that you never liked because it’s too strong, is just prolonging your guilt by reminding you each time you open the cupboard. Let it go!

Be realistic. If your bathroom is more like a playground than a spa, having all your expensive potions and lotions on display might not be practical. Your sanctuary will come one day! In the meantime, invest in a cabinet and store your toiletries out of sight.

Be hygienic. Makeup, perfume, toothbrushes and bath oils don’t last forever and can harbour bacteria if kept too long. Check the bottles for advice. You’d be surprised how short the recommendations are and how fast five years goes by!

Be frugal. If you use the item in question but have ten half-empty bottles, don’t throw them away. Line them up with the bottles with the smallest amounts at the front or, if you can, decant into one container.

Be different. Just because you always buy a 48 pack of loo roll every time you go shopping, ask yourself whether the money saved is worth the hassle of storing it. It’s all about compromise.

Focus on visibility and accessibility. Having all your toiletries at eye level ensures they are visible and accessible.

Enjoy. The bathroom cabinet is one of the first things we see in the morning. Make sure your day starts on a positive note. Illuminated Mirrors have a bathroom cabinet for everyone. My advice would be to get the widest and deepest one that your wall will allow. Maximise that storage! If you can get a cabinet with a mirror, even better.



Lesley Spellman, aka The Clutter Fairy, can be found decluttering homes all across the Northwest of England. 

For more decluttering and organising tips, including a weekly podcast, visit You can also find The Declutter Hub on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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