Your Hollywood Moment: Top tips to recreate a screen siren’s style

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When we think of Hollywood glamour, we think of stars like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. All of whom have had iconic looks that have stood the test of time. So, how can you elevate your look to join these divas? We’ve got some great beauty tricks for the ultimate Hollywood look in today’s blog.

The 50s are the epitome of Hollywood glamour. So much so, that it is still synonymous with style today, with people continuing to emulate the style even now. During big Hollywood events like the Oscars, they’ll always be someone channeling 50s style or fashion. Hourglass figures, big skirts, perfect hair and skin and statement lip colours were the key elements of a stereotypical 50s look. The big curls and ruby red lips are certainly what we imagine when we picture someone sitting at a Hollywood mirror and for good reason! This time period and style has become iconic in terms of class, seductiveness and beauty; and has brought about some of the most timeless Hollywood stars, known across generations. How do you recreate such an iconic look? Well, we have some handy tips to share with you…

Flawless skin

Whether it’s natural or makeup, make sure you have the perfect flawless base to start with. If you have naturally flaw-free skin (lucky you!), this shouldn’t be too much work. If you don’t, invest in a high coverage foundation and nobody will know the difference! Make sure you powder it too, whether you like to mattify or illuminate; they key is that it doesn’t move, smudge or crease.

And, to finish it off, well if you’re not a fan of “Jamsu” – Bella Hadid’s hyped Korean makeup hack which involves dunking your full face of makeup (concealer, foundation, powder) into a basin of cold water to seal your flawless look – then we’d recommend a simple setting spray.

Groomed brows

The arched brow is another stand out feature. During this decade brows were perfectly groomed, no matter their length or thickness. Generally speaking, not a lot is done in terms of eye makeup, except some winged liner or lighter eyeshadows; so, keep your eyebrows well shaped and arched to accentuate your eyes. One of our favourite brow products right now is Benefit’s Goof Proof eyebrow pencil and shaper.

Killer lashes

Sometimes accentuated by a cheeky flick, the 50s saw a love of the luscious lash. Get yours all pumped up with a good eyelash curler and thick, black mascara. Or, use an old favourite beauty hack and apply some fabulous falsies – starting at around £5 you can get some great ones at a bargain price, like the Maybelline Lash Sensational.

Perfect pout

Full and bold lips are an absolute staple of the Hollywood style icon. Of course, red is the go-to option, but you can also opt for a deep pink or a burgundy and stay on brand. The main point is that they are sculpted, matte and full looking. A cult favourite for vintage style lovers is Mac’s Ruby Woo; for those looking to start out. And remember always use a lipliner for lips that last the test of time.

The hair

Much like every other aspect of this look, hair must also be executed perfectly. Voluminous curls or classy updos are standard with this look. Invest in some heated rollers or even go the old-fashioned route and learn how to pin-curl your hair. These days, with so many options in heat stylers and a wealth of YouTube tutorials, it’s not hard to learn, practice and master 50s hairstyles.

If you’re emulating this style for a specific occasion, why not contact your hairdresser and get in front of their mirror to have it done for you, this way it’s guaranteed to look the part and you’ll be able to pick up some tips along the way!

Throughout all the generations the mirror has been the most key element in how anyone styles themselves. The most important aspect of anyone’s process of getting ready, the mirror has been with generations of people, from screen sirens to the average person getting ready today. If you want a little Hollywood glamour in your life, why not take a look at our range of gorgeous Hollywood mirrors. From wall mounted to dressing table to ring lights, we have a vast collection of professionally lit Hollywood mirrors for you to choose from.

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