Inspiring ways to update your bathroom

In the past few years, personalising your bathroom has become a real trend, with more and more people starting to take on their own home renovation with a specific goal in mind. Last year saw Pinterest influence homeowners massively with brass and rose gold fixtures, marble fixtures and minimal influence.

This year, embrace a more natural, colourful and individual style to make your bathroom the number one room in the house. From small changes to big installations, we’ve put together the perfect tips for anyone wanting to re-haul their bathroom.

Statement furniture

For the bathrooms that don’t need too much TLC but would greatly appreciate an update, statement furniture is the best way to add a fresh touch. Of course, this is dependent on the size of your space, but statement doesn’t always have to mean big. Painting your bathroom furniture with a bright hue is a great way to bring life into the room, or alternatively, add in a upholstered chair and/or rug to add both texture and change to the room. There are plenty of ways to bring some statement furniture into your bathroom, why not add an eye popping Hollywood mirror?

Vanity Station

Because every girl needs their own dedicated vanity area, gone are the days of sitting on the floor in front of the mirror, hello to the future of sitting in your space, pampering yourself in an area specifically designed to service those needs. Not only does the convenience save you both time and stress, but there is of course the added ‘cool factor’ of having such a space; all you need is a stool and a mini table to get that extra luxe feel; who wouldn’t want their own vanity station?

Tiles, tiles, tiles

Mismatched, patterned, fish scaled; there are plenty of tiles on offer this year, with each design adding their own feel to a bathroom. Patterned tiles can take you anywhere from swirly Mediterranean patterns to intricate Moroccan designs, or you could really switch it up with geometric shaped tiles or fish scale tiles, all adding their own unique spin on a bathroom. The great thing about patterned tiles in particular is the feeling they give off, as though they’ve been there forever, therefore adding maturity to your bathroom with a sense of the familiar. If you’re looking for a completely custom way of tiling your bathroom, you can of course make the bold move to mismatch your tiles, offering a really simple yet effective way to add your personal touch to your bathroom. Play with layers and shapes to get a unique outcome.


The last room to ever get any art or attention on the walls, yet one that we spend a lot of our time waking up in and getting ready for the da; surely some artistic inspiration can go a long way for many? Choose from bold wallpaper, quirky framed art or simple framed photography to pop on your walls to give a great burst of character to an often neglected room. We are loving these prints.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are not something that many would consider when designing their bathroom, with spotlights taking precedent in most bathrooms, they’re almost overlooked, as long as they provide light. Why not make this Spring the year that you finally add some much needed decoration to your bathroom, with a simple light fixture change, you will find a new lease of life. Get glamorous with a chandelier or add a burst of colour with a fun colourful pendant for a bit of pizazz.

Get creative with your storage

Any bathroom always seems to be overflowing with bottles and tubes of essential cosmetics, with no bathroom ever providing enough storage space, so why not get creative and add in some unique storage solutions. Lidded box washing baskets, honeycomb shelves and wall fixtures to hold your towels are some of the great ways in which you can stretch your bathroom to give that bit more storage.

With all these ideas, where will you start first? We’re off to pick out some great statement furniture…

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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