Make-up and Skincare Holiday Must-Haves

What’s your main pain when heading off on holiday? If you’re anything like us you will most likely say it’s the luggage allowance – ‘cause we all need those 10 pairs of shoes and couldn’t possibly take one pair out. So, to lighten your beauty load, we’ve pulled together this failsafe list of travel beauty must-haves to keep you glowing and feeling refreshed from the moment you land.

Whether it’s a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter holiday you’re jetting off on, if you’re heading to warmer shores these beauty must-haves need to make it into your suitcase.

Beach location


Now of course moisturiser should be used all year round (including an SPF) but there is no time you will need a moisturiser more than when you are on a flight – especially a long-haul flight to far-off destinations (we are definitely not jealous one bit). In-flight, you will begin to lose the hydration from your skin so there is nothing better than a thick, nourishing and revitalising moisturiser. Got one with added vitamin C and E? Even better.

Sun Protection

If you are to have only one product with you when you land, let it be sun protection – the holy grail of your holiday suitcase. Skincare specialists recommend using no lower than SPF 30 – there really is nothing more important than taking care of your skin in the sun. Also, just incase you didn’t know, regular old sun protection which is developed for your body is far too heavy for your face and it will clog your pores so steer clear from this. Picking up an additional lightweight sun protection which has added vitamins will work wonders and be super kind on your face.

Aftersun body cream or balm

Yes, we said we’d keep it light on the beauty load but moisturiser, sun protection and aftersun all have different properties and purposes so we’re afraid to say you do need all three. If you’ve spent some time in the sun, after showering, an aftersun balm or cream will help soothe your skin, prolong your tan and keep your skin plump.

If you’re not jetting off for a long holiday and if city breaks are more your kind of thing, you can snap up travel size, hand luggage friendly versions of most brands from high street own brands to Piz Buin, Hawaiian Tropic plus high end brands – also kinder on the purse strings at a lower cost.


Some of you might be looking forward to your summer holiday to take a break from your makeup routine but if you aren’t quite ready to ditch the foundation, you should look for a lightweight, liquid foundation, BB or CC to let your skin breathe – needed even more so in the humid countries.

bronzed make-up

We all love that holiday glow right? Incase you hadn’t guessed it already, we’re huge fans of highlighter and especially on holiday – you’re glowing so of course you want to enhance that glow. It’s time to enhance that beautiful face and give it the glow it deserves.

And…what works well with highlighter – bronzer! It’s time to perfect that bronzed beach babe look!

Paired with a minimal face you’ll want to finish off the look with a coat of waterproof mascara – cause we all don’t want those Panda eyes. A coat of lipgloss or lipstick will add that final touch – we recommend opting for a muted pink or nude colour which will go with most looks and an orangey red tone – perfect for taking your look from day to night in one easy step.

Have a look out for travel size packs from brands such as benefit including many of the holiday essentials you need – again, perfect for hand luggage only trips!

Sea Salt Curl Spray

If you’re lucky enough to have a slight curl in your hair, a sea salt or curl spray will give you beachy tousled waves. If you’re looking to have a mix of looks from straightened, curled or waved,rather than taking a multitude of hair styling tools, A small, travel straightener will give you all the power you need to create all the looks.

So, if you’re heading off on holiday any time soon, be sure to pack all these essentials. Do you have your go to summer holiday products you wouldn’t be without? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter.

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