Summer Scents For Your Home

You could head to Florida, Spain or the South of France and find yourself the perfect holiday home, or, you could save your hard-earned pounds and pennies and snap up some of the best summer scents for your home instead. From fresh airy scents, citrus fruity notes, and floral aromas, here are our top scents to leave your home smelling summer fresh all year round.

Diffusers, scented oils and candles can be the quickest, long-lasting and most luxurious way to fill your home with your favourite scents. Not only do candles offer the transformative experience (and by this we mean, transport you to warmer shores), they also set the mood, help you unwind and shouldn’t only be reserved for the winter months.

Colourful Tealights

It can be difficult to find a good quality candle offering the scent you love so whether you are just back from a holiday looking for a pick-me-up or are heading off to warmer shores soon, here are the best scents to help bring the outdoors into your home this summer season.

White Linen

From Jo Malone and the White Company to Candle specialists Yankee Candle and high street retailers such as Next, White Linen or Beach Linen scented candles are easy to come by whether your budget is £10 or £100. Truly capturing the scent of clothes drying outdoors, white linen candles are incredibly fresh and airy and paired with citrus, or floral notes will add that extra kick.

Recommended: Yankee Candle White Linen & Lace – leaving your home fresh and airy for up to 75 hours.


Although this is a scent that won’t be everyone’s favourite – it certainly reminds us of summer. Light your candle, close your eyes and within minutes you will be left thinking of chilling on a caribbean island. Often including a rum top note, this scent leads to creamy vanilla and coconut base notes to your home all day long. Welcome to the Caribbean…


If you’re looking for a scent which is floral and airy with the perfect sweetness, Honeysuckle candles will be right up your street. The honeysuckle fragrance will awaken your senses no matter where you are and with a floral bouquet, this scent includes cotton candy and pear notes for the perfect home scent. If you are looking for something a little less sweet-smelling, why not opt for a Honeysuckle Jasmine Fragrance – a floral masterpieces with just the right amount of softness, sweetness and warmth for the summer months.

Sea Salt

When it comes to sea salt we instantly think of a beach location so when it comes to summer scents, we couldn’t not include sea salt scents. Bringing the sense of sweet, fresh summer air, sea salt scents transport us to white bedrooms on faraway islands and paired with fresh white linen scents make the perfect summer scent for your home.


Probably one of the most popular summer scents (and one of our favourites), neroli scented candles laced with neroli petals evokes a sense of sweet flowers and summer evenings outdoors.

Have we listed your favourite summer scent? If not, let us know what scents you love for your home in the summer months.

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