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It’s the Great British summer which means 30-degree heat, sunbathing every day, and copious amounts of relaxing on the beach…in a parallel universe, at least. We all know that local summers can be a bit of a disappointment outside, but wet ‘n’ wild weather is the perfect excuse to get decorating inside and bring a touch of summer to your home.

We’ve trawled our favourite designers to find inspiration and ideas that will bring a ray of sunshine into your design…whatever the weather outside.

Elle Decor: Statement Bathroom Mirrors

Well, we couldn’t ignore this one could we? The lovely folk at Elle Decor believe statement mirrors to be one of the most important trends to make their way into homes the nation over this summer. “There’s no denying how much this singular detail can add to an oft-overlooked space like the bathroom”, write the Elle team and we’re inclined to agree.

I/G: @beautybythebunny understands how to make a mirror your feature piece.

I/G: @beautybythebunny understands how to make a mirror your feature piece.

Think modern, bold and crisp; whatever your style. Sometimes even changing the shape of your mirror can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of a room and you certainly don’t need a showroom-worthy abode to pull statement styles off. Be bold and you’ll be rewarded – work with what you’ve got and the signature style of your home will start to shine through even if the addition’s a small one. @BeautybytheBunny on Instagram (above) for example brings out her chic accessories with a large statement Hollywood – the epitome of classic style, made into a feature piece.

Fortune: Traditional Style with a modern edge

“We’re seeing a kind of revival and new love for traditional design” says interiors expert Leura Fine in an interview with Fortune. Classic and traditional looks are making a comeback, but this time with all the luxuries of modern functionality and considered style. Think hidden TV storage made from oak or country kitchens using the most up-to-date technology. There’s a reason some styles never go out of fashion and a fusion of modern and traditional style doesn’t just look fantastic – it works around everyday life too.

We love bespoke or handmade designs – while they can be more expensive, they’ll last FOREVER and will become a staple of your home design for years to come – never losing their charm or going out of fashion.

Real Homes: Artisan Designs

Craft food and drink has made an incredible comeback over the last few years, with more of us waving goodbye to supermarket sell-outs and opting for locally baked bread, garage-brewed beers, and handmade-to-perfection confectionary. The same is happening with furniture in a big way and it’s time to find local designers for one-off creations no one else has.

Artisan Design Interior Design ideas

We all love a shop at IKEA and we doubt the MDF staple is going to disappear from homes everywhere anytime soon, but signature pieces from local joiners are making a resurgence and more of us are opting for unique pieces that support the talent and trade of someone who really knows what they are doing. From building cupboards for those annoying little corners nothing else will fit into, to bespoke storage solutions and one-off art pieces – if summer doesn’t want to play game outside, make your house all the brighter inside. Proper design is reliable and looks great – if only we could say the same for the weather…

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