Suns out: Top tips on protecting your skin.

In recent years, the evidence has built up surrounding the need to consistently wear sun cream, no matter what time of year it is or how the weather may look through the window. It’s encouraged to protect your skin in all climates, as even the weakest rays can damage your delicate skin cells. If you feel as though protecting your skin naturally is slightly obsessive, remember that sun damage is a main cause of wrinkles… we don’t want those too prematurely ladies!

Cover up

We all know that the advice of staying inside between the hours of 10 am- 4pm is ludicrous for most holiday goers, we want to tan and sit in the sun for as long as possible! So, the next best thing is to use an appropriate sun cream to properly protect your skin whilst sitting in all those beautiful rays. If you insist on sitting directly under the sun, then top tip of popping a hat on you head is one to stick by, if you, like the majority of us Brits tend to get a little worse for wear after a few hours in the sun, then a hat is your go-to to stop sun stroke and protect your face.

Ears, Feet and Nose

Protruding and horizontal surfaces on your body. Don’t forget to protect your sensitive spots, putting a high factor sun cream mixed with a zinc oxide paste is the best way to prevent burn on your ears, feet and nose. The sun can catch you at any time, but especially in the wind when you can’t feel the heat as much.

Stay hydrated

There is nothing worse than feeling under the weather on your holidays, so be sure to always drink plenty of water when you’re in the sun, not only for health purposes but also to keep you skin hydrated. The more hydrated your skin is, the easier it will be to fight off burnt, sensitive skin. Holidays can sometimes be fuelled with cocktails on the beach, if this is the case (we hope so!), then be sure to have one glass of water per alcoholic drink to make sure you don’t get overly dehydrated.

Eat foods that naturally boost sun protection

Vitamins and minerals can be found to protect skin from long term damage and reduce the potential for sunburn. Citrus fruits are very high in Vitamin C, which combined with vitamin E, can dramatically reduce your chances of sunburn, whilst also lowering your risk of skin cancer by 34%. Strawberries are not only our favourite fruit, but also contain tannins that help to reduce the stinging sensation of sunburn, mash them up and slather them on your sunburn for instant relief. Then there are the jewel like pomegranate seeds, which have been used as a traditional remedy since Ancient Egyptian times. Not only are they rich in antioxidants, but they contain ellagic acid that can help protect your skin from cell damage… who knew?!

Our skin takes some beating throughout the seasons, with the harsh winters through to the sun blasting summers; the importance of looking after it has never been so apparent. Here is to healthy skin this summer!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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