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With Fashion week season officially over, we can now look towards the makeup trends that have graced the catwalks across the globe. Refreshingly, there has been a large movement towards colour across all designers, from blushing beauties to Crayola eyes; the catwalk has embraced colour in a way that hasn’t been witnessed since the 80’s. It’s time to make a statement with your face.

Blush crazy

Get your blusher brush ready, because they’ll be essential for any look you put together this season. Gone are the days of nude contouring and bronzer; fresh, big and beautiful colours are here to replace the dull and tired looks. Kenzo made its blush statement with a nod to the disco era, blended from temple to cheek, proving blusher is the colour to be seen this season. All subtle hints of colour are to be left in 2016, come through with a punch and bring your face to life. If you are looking to replicate the Kenzo look, why not use this great shade from makeup moguls, Sleek.

Photo: Kenzo

Statement lips

Many designers opted for bold lips on an otherwise clean and fresh face, adding a pop of colour to the lips offers a focal point to the face, but not being overly daring. Whilst most years see the return of red lipstick in some way or another, this year see’s a much more daring palette to put to pout. From orange, fuchsia and glossy plum, to colour blocking your lips; a new trend to emerge from Cushnie et Och, mixing both pink and red to create a wonderful contrast. Whilst colour is definitely the front-running trend this season, it’s very much reliant on colour being based on an otherwise clean face. Raw skin x colour is the ultimate look. Urban Decay is going to be a one stop destination for many who desire their colour fix… and it’s no surprise when you look at their array of shades and deep pigments to boot.

Photo: Cushnie et Och

Pop of colour (Primary colours)

The biggest colour trend within makeup this season is Primary colours; whilst many were following the trends of raw skin with a pop of colour, it’s definitely a refreshing look at how to approach makeup in a totally different way to what’s been explored before. From smudges of bright colour dragged across the eyelid to shades of glossy pink and yellow surrounding the eyes, to pops of blue in geometrics shapes contouring the face. The leading innovators in pushing colour to the max were both Maison Margiela and Vivienne Westwood. With legendary Pat McGrath leading the makeup team at Margiela, you can expect nothing short of amazing; the same can be said for Vivienne Westwood who appointed Val Garland to create a rainbow, punk-inspired take on the Crayola trend.

Alongside these greats, many other reputable fashion houses took to the catwalk adorned in explosive colours; including Salvatore Ferragamo, Zadig and Voltaire, Oscar De La Renta and Jill Stuart. Proving that colours are here to stay and will be bursting onto the high street anytime soon.

Photo: Pat McGrath

Get your smoke on

Get rid of those perfect wings that sit on your eyelids…there is a new eyeliner trend in town; it’s smudged and it’s smokey. Imperfect is the new perfect, with completely new ways of application. This season we’ve witnessed waterline eyeliner, haphazard sweeps of black eyeshadow and overly sooty black eyes; with hints of navy making their way into the mix. Think grunge princess and you’ve basically got your new eyeliner look; be sure to mix with fresh dewy skin so as not to get too much of a Cobain/Love look going on! We particularly loved the looks from both Prada and Alberta Ferretti, who set the bar for all future smokey eyes.

Photo: Giorgio Armani

Glitter is back

Of course, you can’t have colour without glitter, they go hand in hand; especially this season. In keeping with the more eccentric and colourful trends this year, glitter has taken on a new art-form. Lips were the main attraction to glitter this year, from chunky glitter to sparkle infused lip sticks. A great trend to trial at home, pop your lips in a bowl of glitter and sparkle like a disco ball all evening. Pat McGrath, once again lead the way along the glitter path with her incredible products gracing several catwalks. DKNY and Maison Margiela were at the forefront of leading the glitter pack.

Photo: Fendi.

With such an array of colourful inspiration coming through from the top influencers, it’s set to be a summer of nostalgic colours and a sprinkling of the 80’s, we are certainly looking forward to seeing what our wonderful customers come up with to further inspire.

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