Is your bathroom Summer ready?

Throughout the year, we have prepared a good number of blog posts to keep you up to date with the latest trends in bathroom interiors, whether it be a little extra touch here and there (like a brand new Illuminated Mirror!) or a vast improvement to the decorative theme in your house.
With Summer fast approaching,there is no better time to implement some last minute Summer touches that will bring your home to life with summer cheer.

First and foremost, the most important thing to bring into a home during Summer is light. Having a gloomy, dark bathroom is immediately going to take your Summer spirit, so first call to order is bringing in the light! Whether you add some more lighting into your bathroom, take away a dark blind, add in some fairy lights or bring a mirror into the mix; all of these actions will get some light bouncing around the room. A mirror can be the most useful tool, as you can situate it to reflect the light from the window, offering another source of natural light within the room. If you’re looking for mirror inspiration, head to our site to find the perfect mirror for you.

Secondly, scents make a big difference to the atmosphere within your home. We associate certain smells with certain times of year, so if you’ve got warm cinnamon/pomegranate smells in your home, immediately, you’ll be thinking of Christmas! There are several ways of whirling fresh, summery smells around your house; you can get yourself an oil burner and start burning scents like lemongrass, linen fresh and sea breeze, for a more constant smell, you can always plug in a Ambi-pur scent plug. However, we believe that natural is best, so look to nature for some real Summer smells in your home. Flowers and scented plants; try any of the following for a beautiful fresh scent upgrade; Eucalyptus, Sweet Alyssum, Honeysuckle, Roses, Lavender, Peonies, Viburnum, Gardenia and Jasmine. Give it a go, bathrooms are often deprived of fresh flowers!

The next best trend to adopt in your bathroom is to apply pastels. A great way to soften your space and make the room feel much bigger. Of course, this doesn’t need to mean that your bathroom looks like a big blancmange, far from it, in fact. Opt for light greys, light olive greens, lilacs, duck egg blue and peony pink. Try to break up your chosen colour with hints of white or a contrasting pattern to sit alongside. The result should be a nodd to the countryside style with a modern touch. Pinterest will be your number one style guide if you’re ever struggling to find a good balance.

Referring back to our second point, in slightly different hue, we are bringing it back to basic with another injection of nature. Draping your bathroom in household plants, such a succulents (Aloe vera, Rhipsalis) will provide a great element of freshness, especially to an overly white bathroom; white and green are one of the best colour pairings to offer a natural and fresh look. Think rainforest as your inspiration and you will soon be bathing in a tropical heaven. Remember, if you’re showering, then most of your plants will absorb the moisture and therefore are incredibly low maintenance – bonus!

Our last tip to get your bathroom Summer ready is to mix and match, add some colour, splash your bathroom with patterns and decoration. As previously mentioned, your bathroom is often neglected the most when it comes to thoughtful design, so adding a bright and colourful shower curtain for example can make all the difference. Add some prints to the wall, some wall hangings, coloured towels, patterned rugs and your bathroom will come alive!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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