Renovating your bathroom with light

With the constant need for change from the fast paced industry of fashion, seasonal updates and renovation are regular occurrences. However, the desire to continually change the interior of your house doesn’t come cheap, if at all. Budget constraints often mean that you are struggling to find a cost-effective way to give your bathroom an overdue renovation.

However, not all is lost; changing your lighting within a room can have a far more dramatic effect than one would expect; in many cases, completely changing the feel of the room and giving it a new lease of life. Here are our top tips for the perfect light renovation:

  • When investing in new lighting be sure to consider your surrounding decorations, especially the colour of your walls. In previous blogs, we’ve always suggested that a lighter colour wall is better, as it opens up your bathroom, especially if you have a smaller space to work with. The same advice applies when renovating by using light; white walls will work the best, with light reflecting, instead of being absorbed. Of course, if you have heart set on coloured walls, then using dark shades of purple and blue could work to your advantage and create a relaxing, intimate and dramatic atmosphere to your bathroom. If opulence is your aim, this may be the way forward for you!
  • Last, but definitely not least, is, of course, the most cost effective option, which immediately adds atmosphere to any room with the flick of a match. As a complementary lighting option alongside your main lights, candles can offer the perfect mood lighting for a luxurious and relaxing setting to wind down in after a long day.

Check out our full range of mirrors to find your perfect lighting addition to bring a fresh new look to your bathroom.

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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