Modernise Your Bathroom With Technology

Back in June in our post about bathrooms of the future, we mentioned smart mirrors, bathroom robots, fingerprint recognition and 3D printed bathroom fittings. However, instead of advancing 25 years to 2040 when these products are thought to be available, we are sadly only three months on. Considering we are getting to the stage where millennials are flying the nest and buying homes, it’s only fitting that we chat about incorporating technology in the bathroom. So… we’re on hand with tips to modernise your bathroom from a functional utilitarian space into a luxurious space you will never want to leave.

Waterproof TVs

Whether it’s for showering and applying makeup each morning to having a soak in the bath each evening, if you spend any great length of time in your bathroom, waterproof TV’s will be your saviour – never miss your favourite show again! Available in black, white, chrome and a rainbow of other colours, waterproof bathroom TVs can fit seamlessly into your bathroom, transforming it from traditional drab to modern fab.

Bathroom TV

App Controlled Automated Systems

We live in an era where we can do pretty much anything on our smartphones. From ordering our shopping online, paying in-store with contactless phone payments to keeping up to date with friends, family and the latest news, there isn’t much we can’t do with our smartphones. And now, thanks to app-controlled automated systems, we can now control our bathroom functions from the touch of a smartphone button. From changing the music and the lighting before you even leave your bed in the morning to adjusting the temperature of the bath and lighting when you are already settled, app-controlled bathroom systems are truly incredible.

With many app controlled systems able to store setting for up to three people (perfect for families), we know what’s next on our Christmas list…

Electronic Shower Systems

With the technology you have at your fingertips, why opt for standard, traditional shower systems when you can choose a sophisticated digital shower system instead? Allowing users to customise the temperature, the flow of the water and steam, it really is a no-brainer. A little tight on space and no room for a bath? No worries. Why not add shower body jets (to complete).

Warming Drawers

Yes we know, heated towel rails have been adding that modern look to our bathrooms for many years but let’s face it, warm towels will never go out of fashion! If however, you have little kids running around, heated towel rails may not be the best option for your home and so it’s time to say hello to warming drawers. Offering the same functions as heating towel rails, as they are contained within drawers, you can rest safe in the knowledge your little ones won’t have burnt fingers.

Bonus: some warming drawers come with child safety locks for added peace of mind.

Porutham LED Mirror

Sensor / Demister Mirrors

Last but not least (it is our speciality after all) – Sensor and Demisting mirrors. Automatically lighting up as your enter the bathroom, sensor mirrors with lighting allow you to see the full colour variation of your face. We have a full range of ultra-slim sensor mirrors complete with built-in, full-size demisting pads allowing you to apply your makeup as soon as you leave the shower – no more waiting for your mirrors to clear. Browse the full range of our demisting, sensor mirrors here and check out one of our favourites, the Porutham LED, Sensor & Demisting mirror.

Would you add any of these gadgets to your bathroom? Are there any pieces of technology you think are missing from the list?

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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